5 February 2018

Video: Renee In One Weekend A Month Short Film

One Weekend A Month is a powerful short film - almost 12 minutes long but this is a SUPERB piece and Renee truly shines.

Director: Eric Escobar

Screenwriters: None - the whole movie is improvised

Filmed: 2004

Lead Actor: Renee O'Connor (Meg)

Genre: Drama

Premise: "It's the story of a National Guardsman, who's a single mother of two children and gets called to go to the Iraqi war. But she's in a bind because she has no one to take care of her children. The film is a ten-minute series of phone calls. There is no script. The whole Thing is improvised."

Sundance 2005, Grand Jury Award - Honorable Mention in Short Filmmaking
Ashland Independent Film Festival 2006 - Best Short Film