4 October 2013

Beyond The Farthest Star Article–Herald Banner

hgj5yid4There is an article in the Herald Banner about Beyond the Farthest Star and the upcoming showing of it in Greenville, TX and other local areas near Dallas, TX.

GREENVILLE — Hunt and Fannin County residents will get a chance this October to see their cities like they never have before: on the silver screen.

“Beyond the Farthest Star,” a movie written and directed by Andrew Librizzi and starring Cherami Leigh, Renee O’Connor and Todd Terry, was shot in Dallas, Hunt and Fannin counties.

Through, “Beyond the Farthest Star” has a chance to be show at Majestic 12 in Greenville. According to producer Ben Robinson, individuals can register to purchase tickets online at, and once 500 tickets have been registered, the film will be shown at Majestic 12.

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