9 February 2011

Renee's Infinity Movie Synopsis - SPOILERS and a WARNING



I don't usually post a warning of this kind but usually a spoiler warning. I will post Spoiler warnings but not a general warning about a film unless it's overly graphic in nature.

For this post I will post a SPOILER warning, a General Warning and An ANGST warning.

I have read the con reports that this movie was disturbing becuase it deals with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) but I don't think I was prepared for the actual synopsis. I suspect watching this movie with Renee in the same room would be very disturbing indeed because, as fans we love Renee, we love her work and to have her in this movie would be quite emotional. I now fully understand why Renee asked for the children not to be present and for anyone else who didn't wish to see this to leave for the duration of the movie. I will not tell you what happens to her character.

If you want to know there is a synopsis written by a fan who attended the convention and saw the movie. As a writer, words are very powerful to me. Watching this movie after reading about it would sear the images into my brain.

This is the type of movies Renee should make. No matter the material; it's the stuff that makes you FEEL. To THINK. That's what Words Unspoken did, that's what One Weekend a Month did. Not sure if I can handle Infinity. Not sure if I could have handled this at the convention and now I fully understand why some fans were heartsick after watching this.

It's very powerful.

WARNING - don't click on the link if you don't want to read spoilers or the material will upset will upset you in some form, almost guaranteed.

Click here to read Synopsis

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