26 July 2010

Ark The Series - Official Word From Trey Stokes

The following was posted on AUSXIP Talking Xena ROC Chat by Trey Stokes and it's the official word on Ark and why it suddenly appeared without warning (and great news for non US fans...we will eventually get to see it!)


You can find the series here and on hulu

Trey Stokes

I told Renee you guys would wonder why we didnt say anything...

long story made very short because I'm posting from someone's iPhone:

yep, it's legit. Syfy and hulu are both affiliated with NBC/universal, so this came about as a result of the syfy "interest". It happened very fast, all within the past week. We asked hulu to give us a warning before the show went live but they didn't. So we didnt have a chance to announce anything. When Renee gets back from comiccon I'm sure she'll say something about it on her site.

Also Renee and I were real busy with... something else this week, and we'll both be saying more about THAT as soon as we can...

let's see, what else... I have no idea what "huhu" is, but they have nothing to do with any of this. I guess that was a misprint of "hulu" somewhere.

And for non-US viewers, be patient - I just took over that long-dormant Ark page on YouTube, and the episodes will all show up there after we see how we fare on hulu. We might throw some other extras on there as well.

Gotta go - but for now, spread the word about ark: watch it, tell everyone you know to watch it, post reviews on the hulu site, etc. If we get a big response on hulu, that only increases that potential "interest" that could lead to bigger things

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