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14 August 2021

Photos from Renee During Her Quarantine in NZ for My Life is Murder

Renee has posted some great photos of her quarantine time in Auckland before she had the chance to venture on the set of My Life is Murder.

Photos have been reposted with permission from Renee.

Renee and her mask with the My Life is Murder Logo

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Mother & Son catch up - Miles is also in the same episode as his mum on My Life Is Murder but he didn't have to quarantine since he was in NZ already.

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Plush Quarantine Hotel...


Stuff Lucy sent Renee to keep her occupied....


No NZ Hokey Pokey Ice Cream... maybe it was in the fridge. LOVE that ice cream.


Nice view!



7 August 2021

Video: A Current Affair with Renee and Lucy - My Life is Murder

A Current Affair (NZ) had a specatacular interview with Renee and Lucy about Renee's upcoming guest role on My Life is Murder Season 2




7 August 2021

Salute to Xena Convention Rescheduled To November 18-20, 2022!

Creation Entertainment sent an email this morning about the Salute to Xena Convention. Due to covid travel restrictions and people unable to get out of their country (Fortress Australia et al) the convention has been rescheduled.

Read the email below!

While we had hoped that our Salute to Xena Convention could take place in 2021, due to continuing international travel restrictions and other COVID concerns, we must postpone once again. The NEW DATE is November 18-20, 2022 at the same venue, the Hyatt Regency LAX Hotel!

Guests Lucy Lawless, Renée O’Connor, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Michael Hurst, Brittney Powell, Paris Jefferson, Musetta Vander, Ted Raimi, Victoria Pratt, and Jacqueline Kim are confirmed to attend the new date, and we’ll be confirming the rest of our guests as soon as possible. Check the website for updates!

If you wish to hold your same seat or general admission, as well as a la carte autograph and photo op tickets, you do not need to do anything. Your tickets and same seating will be transferred to the new November 2022 date and updated tickets will be sent to you via the email address you used at the time of purchase within a few weeks. Your December 2021 ticket will no longer be valid.

Attendees must cancel their hotel reservations at this time. We will have revised booking links shortly so you can re-book your hotel reservations for the new date.

If you’d like a refund for the Xena Convention in December 2021, please contact The deadline for refund requests for the convention is August 20, 2021 at 3:00 PM PST (please include your invoice number and the convention name/city in your email). If you do not request a refund by the deadline, your admission passes and a la carte photo op and autograph tickets will be transferred to the new date. Refunds will begin to be processed after the deadline date. Please allow up to 8 weeks from the deadline date for your request to be processed.

We appreciate your patience and continued support and look forward to safely seeing our fellow Xenites next year!



7 August 2021

AUSXIP Charity Auction Catalogue Now Online!

The 2021 AUSXIP Charity Auction is nearly here. Uploaded the catalogue which has the entire inventory (to date) of 142 items with pics, item description and link to the individual page. So bookmark your favourites!


Register for the Auction

Frequently Asked Questions

If in doubt... contact MaryD



5 August 2021

My Life is Murder BIG Reveal: Renee Guest Stars on MLIM!

That was an awesome night last night when it was officially announced that Renee was going to join Lucy in a guest role on My Life is Murder. Added to all that excitement, Michael Hurst is directing their episode! Below the pics are spoilers so if you don't want to read them, just look at the gorgeous pics!

There was an interview on NZTV last night and also an interview in EW (contains spoilers) First the amazing pics!

safe image




image (1)

image (2)


From EW Interview with Lucy & Renee -

Renee, who are you playing in My Life Is Murder?

O'CONNOR: I play this woman who is in charge of a self-help group, and she's like a guru, so she has a very strong ego...

LAWLESS: [Interrupting] She's a cult leader!

O'CONNOR: Okay, she's a cult leader. It's funny because I didn't really know who I was playing until I was in quarantine. I had an idea, but I didn't know what was in store for me until there was a meeting on Zoom with the producers, and that's when I started really doing some more research [into cults].

LAWLESS: But also, Dom, we've reunited with Michael Hurst [who starred as Iolaus, the sidekick on Xena spin-off Hercules: The Legendary Journeys] as the director of our episode. He played Renee's love interest on the Herc and Xena series and he's a very dear friend of ours from way back in the day so it was just a great reunion. And with Mark Beesley, who was one of our [Xena] directors as well, he is producing My Life Is Murder. It was a lovely homecoming, aye Ren?


O'CONNOR: Yeah, and Michael Hurst has the most enthusiasm of anyone that I know. He can easily pull together three or four different projects at the same time and make it look so easy. So again, I couldn't have been more excited to have a director who just kind of infuses inspiration and passion to play. Between Lucy and Michael [who also appears in the episode], it was just the most wonderful way to kind of reset into feeling around friends and being on a television set.

What's the dynamic between your characters in the episode?

O'CONNOR: We meet for the first time in the show, and I am leading a seminar, taking people to the most extreme elements of their highest existence possible with Michael Hurst playing the guru husband coleader [of the cult].

LAWLESS: And you can imagine that Alexa is taking this with many pinches of salt. She's there on a mission, she's not there to improve herself. [There's] lots of snark. Also, the person who plays Renee's son in the episode is Renee's [actual] son. It was so thrilling, the stars aligned just right. He's a fine young actor and we managed to get him into the show.

O'CONNOR: He auditioned for The Actors' Program, which is a one-year... acting program in New Zealand, and he has been down there studying since January. As it turned out, when I arrived and heard little whispers that there was a role that he might be right for, again, I just thought, yeah, sure. I didn't really think...

LAWLESS: Renee would never ask for anything. Her family, they don't expect any favors. [Laughs]. And he was just great in the role and we needed the American accent, and he's just a fine young actor so it was perfect. It was really lovely for me. I was pretty burnt out by the end of the season, and to have that homecoming, that sense of reward every day that you get up to go and work with those guys. Just lovely.

Read the full interview