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31 May 2021

Autographed Xena Book Wings My Way!


I got a seriously cool surprise today. I received the Xena book (aka my beloved baby) with messages and autographs from my favourite people - no, not the actors but the family I found in this fandom. My family stretches from the UK, the US and Canada - how the heck did they not lose this book with it being shipped from here to there is a miracle. This baby weighs a hefty bit and I'm super impressed by the whole thing. To say I was emotional would be an understatement. While all of this was going on, it was kept a secret from me.

I did wonder why some of people involved, when I emailed or messaged didn't get into a long discussion with me. I figured it was because of the stresses of the day but nope it was because they were trying NOT to reveal the secret.

I will contact all the contributors to this amazing surprise individually but here are the names that I have found. There are some sneaky ones which I found while flipping through the book. It's a veritable who's who of the Xenaverse! I can't believe I know all these seriously heavy duty talented the hell did I get so lucky?

Mavis Applewater, Brenda Barton, Denise Byrd, Carrie Carr, Jan Carr, Linda Crist, Cheyne Curry, Ro Graskey, Heather Hartman, KT Jorgensen, Trish Kocialski, Marie Logan, KG Macgregor, Susan X Meagher, Bren "BL" Miller, Redhawk, Maribel Piloto (Lunacy), Morgan Sams (aka T. Novan), Carol Stephens, Lida Verner, Taylor Rickard, Saul Trabal, Wendy Woody!

This book has been destined to be auctioned and the first dinars for the charities has already been given (how's that for clever).

I've taken a few pictures, they are not the best since I'm trying not to break the spine. For those who will ask, yes I do have a crimson cover for Locutus, my Macbook Pro 16, - crimson is my favourite colour (you may not have guessed that) and it goes so beautifully with the Xena cover, don't you think?

So what do you reckon? Pretty damn good, eh? Battle on!

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