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12 November 2020

Xena 25: The 25th Anniversary Podcast - Episode 1: Xena, Gabrielle and Vince The Rat

SyFy Fangrrls has a new podcast to celebrate Xena's 25th Anniverary year.



SYFY FANGRRLS has been celebrating the 25th anniversary of Xena: Warrior Princess all year long but the celebration is about to go to a whole new level with the release of Xena 25. Hosted by resident Xena mega-fan Katie Wilson, this limited edition podcast series is celebrating all the things we love about Xena with special guests and fans! It’s going to be better than hot tubs and subtext… almost.

Episode 1 is starts off with a bang! The warrior princesses themselves, Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor, join Katie to share some never-heard-before behind-the-scenes stories, play a Xena-themed Newlywed game, and of talk a lot about rats. This is an episode that no Xenite would want to miss!

Have you heard about Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World?

xenabookAUSXIP Publishing and MaryD have released the DEFINITIVE guide Xena 25th Anniversary history of the Xenaverse - Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World.

It's available in ebook, paperback and the Deluxe Edition hardback!

Click here to purchase

The reviews are in! Check them out below

Just finished the book. It was released yesterday. All I can say is, thank you. Thank you to the creators of this show, to Mary D for the incredible work, and to the Xenites who make the Xenaverse the force for good that it is. The final image in the book has not left my mind. -- Arielle Strauss Brueland / Amazon

What a fantastic tribute to the warrior and her bard! Not to mention the fans who keep it all going! I loved this book! A must have for all Xena fans! -- Cathy/Amazon

This is a must-have for a hard core nutballer Xena fan!. - Jett West/Amazon