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4 October 2018

Renee In On Clover Road - 7 Performances Left Ends on October 20!


Renee is starring in the theatre show On Clover Road and from all accounts, it's a gritty show and one that I would have loved to have watched (someone invent the Star Trek Transporter please and make it quick)

There are only 7 performances left. The show ends on October 20. One performance with a Q&A has sold out but the other 6 performances, there are tickets available.


At an abandoned motel on a desolate American road, a mother meets with a cult deprogrammer, believing she will be reunited with her runaway daughter. What happens instead – in this smart, harrowing, edge-of-your-seat thriller – is something that will shock her to her core. What will a mother do to get her daughter back? Whatever it takes. “On Clover Road is pure mystery play, with more twists than a pretzel…” – DC Metro Theater Arts