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26 March 2018

Upcoming Convention for Renee: Indiana Comic Con March 30-April 1, 2018!


New Convention appearance by Renee and a message from Renee about the convention below!

Renee O'Connor will be a guest at the March 30 - April 1, Indiana Comic Con at the Indianapolis Convention Center! Renee is best known for her role as Gabrielle on Xena: Warrior Princess! Appearing Saturday and Sunday only.

To pre-order tickets for the March 30 - April 1, Indiana Comic Con, please visit:

Renee is also scheduled to attend Megacon in Orlando 26 - 27 May 2018




26 March 2018

SyFy's Xena Warrior Princess Recap In Two Minutes!

This is fun! SyFy did a recap of Xena in under 2 minutes and hitting every major plot point and characters. Quite good! Check it out! For all things Xena, check out AUSXIP Xena site




23 March 2018

Renee To Attend Megacon Orlando 26 - 27 May 2018

Image Renee will be appearing at the same convention at Megacon Orlando with Lucy.

Dates: 26 and 27 May 2018

Photo Ops

Tickets are here:

There is no word yet if they will appear on stage together.

MegaCon Orlando is the South East’s largest comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, and gaming event, attracting over 100,000 fans each year across four big days. Everyone is a fan of something, and MegaCon is a place to celebrate all things pop culture. Get an autograph or a photo with your favorite guest and get the inside scoop about your favorite movies & TV shows at our celebrity panels! Watch professional comic artists battle it out in our popular Sketch Duels, learn from our “How To” workshops, and take photos with your favorite costumed characters! It’s also a great place to buy a unique gift (or treat yourself!) with over 400,000 square feet of shopping madness.

MegaCon® Orlando 2018 is happening at the Orange County Convention Center, West Concourse. Located in the heart of the Orlando’s tourism district, the Orange County Convention Center is the second largest convention center in the US. MegaCon Orlando 2018 will be held in the West Concourse.

9800 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819, USA

The convention runs from 24 to 27 May but both Renee and Lucy are scheduled to be at the convention on 26 and 27 May 2018



18 March 2018

Featured MaryD Art: Gabrielle and Her Rock Band - Season 1 Episode 19: Altared States

Gabrielle and her Rock Band. Stay away from the nutbread, kids and say no to drugs! This was one of my favourite scenes from Season 1. Gabrielle gets high on nutbread contained henbane and conducts an orchestra of rocks. Renee's comedic timing is just superb. Xena's reaction on finding her Gabrielle high as a kite is hysterical. That was the best part of this episode (and the bit where Gabrielle climbs over Xena's body as they get out of the well).

Season 1 Episode 19: Altared States

Xena (Lucy Lawless) and Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) intervene to save young Icus (David de Lautour) from being sacrificed by his own father, Anteus (David Ackroyd).




16 March 2018

Ides of March Xena Art and Fan Fiction by Texbard!

It's Caesar's favourite time of the year! It's the Ides of March and what better way to celebrate it than to showcase some art and some fanfic!

Artwork is by MaryD (me!) and fanfic by Texbard!

March The 16th
This story begins on March 16th, the day after the 4th season cliffhanger "The Ides of March." I can hardly wait to see how they resolve it, and it is definitely one of my favorites. So, I’ve used my imagination a little and this is how I’d like to see it go . . .

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Artwork by MaryD


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