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26 March 2016

New Amazons and Warriors 2 Coloring Book For Adults Now Available


MaryD's latest coloring book has been released! Amazons and Warriors 2 (Coloring To Relax The Mind Series Book 6) is now available to order from Amazon

All royalties from this book will be donated to Starship for 2016 as part of the AUSXIP 20th Anniversary Celebrations! Buy the book, have hours of enjoyment coloring in Amazons and Warriors AND support Starship as they help the kids - WIN/WIN!

Click here to purchase

Amazons & Warriors Adult Coloring Book Volume 2 is a great way to relax and unwind. Inspired by the legendary Greek Amazons and Warriors throughout history. You will find 40 illustrations to color. Find a quiet spot, turn off the TV and your phone. This is your time and relaxing with this mix of warrior power and strength.



14 March 2016

TV Series of the 2000s: Our Beloved Actors Now and Then

The Mind Circle site has a look back at the beloved actors of the 2000's - technically Xena was in the 1990s but ended in 2001 so...just squeaked in.

They had Lucy and Renee on their list