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22 April 2014

New Xena Uber Wallpaper by Calli

Check out this gorgeous new wallpaper by Calli




18 April 2014

New Xena Art by MaryD - Season 1 Episode "Chariots of War"

New art by MaryD – Season 1 Chariots of War

Click on the thumbnail for the larger scan




18 April 2014

Renee Photo: Deianeira from movie Hercules and The Lost Kingdom

I love this photo. Here is Renee as Deianeira from movie Hercules and The Lost Kingdom:




18 April 2014

Gabrielle Wins Tournament of Sidekicks!

Here's another contest where Gabrielle wipes the floor with the opposition!




18 April 2014

Movie News: “The Usual” To Be Shown at Film Festivals and Receives Awards

Image635334998408997172The film that stars Renee and was written and directed by Dawn Higginbotham (Diamonds and Guns) has been picked up by seven (so far) film festivals.


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