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29 June 2013

Photo: Renee from Hercules and the Lost Kingdom


roc-hercHercules is provoked till he has no other choice then fight Gargan, a giant who had absolutely no quarrel with him- and decks the mountain of aggression easily. Then the last survivor of a group of messengers, killed off one by one by Hera, dies after imploring him to come end her rule of terror in the 'lost city of Troy', which his father Zeus, who is once more unwilling to extend any more tangible help, discloses can only be found with the 'one true compass' last seen in the possession of queen Omphale. On his searching for her he frees -then against her will- Deianeira, the eager victim about to be sacrificed to the river god as virgin in the prime of her fertility to end a drought. He battles passed the 48 sons of the gate guardian and arranges to be sold at the annual slave market to the queen, who only wants him in her bed. After dealing with some protection racketeers and the devoted, happy palace slave Waylin he finally gets her late husbands compass from Omphale. He sets out on the journey with Deianeira; a sea monster swallows them, but is defeated. On land they find her father, the dying king of Troy who names her his heir, prepare an army of Trojans to reconquer the city and enter it unopposed, but then emerges an army of Heras minions, whose leader is about to sacrifice Deianeira and puts up a good fight against Hercules



24 June 2013

AUSXIP Twitter Update

Here's an easy way to keep updated on what's new on AUSXIP:



24 June 2013

New Xena Quotoon - Seeds of Faith




14 June 2013

2014 Xena Convention by Creation Entertainment Tickets Now Available


The following is from Creation Entertainment about the upcoming 2014 Official Xena Convention:

It's a family reunion like no other: each year fans from around the globe converge for the annual Official XENA Convention and in 2014 we're doing it up in style once again!

You are invited to join the non-stop live entertainment, three days of celebration in honor of the epic television series, its stars, and its production crew who changed the face of television forever!

It all happens February 7-9, 2014 at the gorgeous Burbank Marriott Convention Center and Hotel. The venue, recently remodeled, is a few short blocks away from the Burbank Airport and many delicious restaurants! Enjoy the area's tourist sites and sounds while in town!

Today we are launching the website for the convention and announcing the first several guests and events with many more to come. Our top of the line GOLD WEEKEND Packages are also on sale and if you want to "go gold" you can pick out your actual seat in the theatre when you order. The first round of autograph and photo op tickets are also on sale.

Additional guests, events and ticket options will be announced soon.

Your friends at Creation Entertainment



11 June 2013

Xena Episode Stills - The Debt Part 1

The Debt Part 1 is one of the best episodes from Xena. Here are more episode stills from the episode.

Xena receives a message asking her to go to the Land of Chin to “make the green dragon (a young ruler called Ming Tien) small again”. Xena wants to leave Gabrielle behind and, to explain why, recounts her years spent with the warlord Borias (who fathered Solan). The pair plan to steal from the wealthy Chinese houses - but, in doing so, Xena meets a remarkable woman. In the present day, Xena heads off on her journey alone but is captured during her assassination attempt, thanks to intervention by Gabrielle who is opposed to Xena's mission.





11 June 2013

Xena in the Wild - Video

I just cracked up over this video. Well done to Tinka1482! National Xena-Graphic takes you on a journey into the life of the Warrior Princess in the wild. A documentary which provides a glimpse into the harsh realities of surviving mating season.



9 June 2013

Ark Web Series Podcast

There is an interesting podcast with Trey Stokes and his friends discussing the experience of making his web series, ARK, which starred Renee.

Info about this find posted on ROC Chat:



9 June 2013

Infinity Selected For NewFilmMakers Summer Series 25 Sept

Image635064719056017677Renee's short film, INFINITY, has been selected to be screened at the NewFilmmakers Summer Series in New York on Wednesday, September 25.



News posted and more info on Official INFINITY Facebook page:



5 June 2013

Xena Movie Campaign Video by Doug

Doug sent me the link to his new YouTube video of a Xena Movie Trailer - check it out. Very clever.


For more about a Xena Movie - click here to go to the AUSXIP Xena Movie page