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16 June 2011

2010 Moby Dick to air on Syfy Channel June 18




The Syfy Channel is showing the movie on June 18 at 9pm. Renee starred with Barry Bostwick in the film.



15 June 2011

2010 Moby Dick Region 2 DVD release


The Region 2 DVD version of Renee's 2010 Moby Dick is set for release on July 25, 2011 under the title Moby Dick. It is now available for pre-order from



15 June 2011

Going on My Winter Wonderland Break...

Hey folks,

I'm taking a few weeks off and recharging my batteries, try to finish my third novel in the Eva and Zoe series (won't my publisher be happy) and basically just relax on my winter holidays! YEAY! Yes it's my annual "let's-see-how-long-Mary-goes-without-touching-the-sites-and-driving-Lori-and-Mesh-crazy" :)

I may be taking a break but AUSXIP will continue to update you all on all things related to our favourite show/s and fave actors. Whilst I'm away getting my batteries recharged, Lori and Mesh will take over the reigns of updating everyone!

If you need to contact Lori or Mesh:

Lori is on and Mesh is on

Battle On!




14 June 2011

Women Who Run With Warrior Princesses - Renee Interview Austin Chronicle 1998


Here's an older interview from 1998 with Renee.

Women Who Run With Warrior Princesses
Reneé O'Connor ROCs
By Kate X Messer, Fri., Feb. 13, 1998

Everything you know is wrong. Every legend, story, myth, belief.... The real history of the world was recorded long ago by a young writer who traveled the globe with a fierce warrior, creating and recording history as it really was. Blasphemy? This is the premise that drives the plot of Xena: Warrior Princess (XWP), the Rob Tapert/Sam (Evil Dead, Darkman) Raimi-produced television series which boasts the conceit that women had a hell of a lot more to do with history than we were led to believe. The two lead characters serve as proof: Xena, the warrior, and her trusty sidekick, the buoyant, idealistic Gabrielle. Gabrielle, the Bard of Potidaea and Xena's bestest friend, is portrayed with warmth, wit, and Old World charm by native Texan Reneé O'Connor. O'Connor was the natural choice for Gabrielle, after her portrayal of a similar character, Deianeira, in one of the original Hercules telefeatures.

Born February 15, 1971 near Houston, O'Connor was raised by her mom, Sandra, who now runs the International Reneé O'Connor Fan Club (see sidebar) and is married to Threadgill's purveyor Eddie Wilson. Even before the age of 12, when O'Connor enrolled in Houston's Alley Theatre, her mom was convinced that she was headed for a life of professional make-believe. O'Connor was encouraged to pursue acting at the High School of the Performing & Visual Arts in Houston; her first professional gig was as a dancing Porky Pig at Astro World, soon after which she moved to L.A. By 1989, Disney picked her up for serials on the Mickey Mouse Club. From there, the parts came more frequently: She appeared in episodes of Tales From the Crypt and The Rockford Files and worked with Cheryl Ladd in the Danielle Steele miniseries Changes.

This interview was conducted in two sessions, shortly before and shortly after the Wilsons visited her in New Zealand, where XWP is shot. Reneé O'Connor's level of achievement thus far in her young career, some might say, is positively Herculean.

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-- Submitted by Barbara Davies



12 June 2011

Crazy Talk Renee Video

Crazy Talk is an animation tool CrazyTalk 6 focuses on animating the faces and gives you the power to import any photo or image into the fitting wizard and bring it to life with easy auto lip-sync. Add emotion to your actor with emotive one-click mood animations and have full control of custom facial expressions with a few clicks. CrazyTalk 6 is a great match for beginners, students, educators and all users that need an easy-to-create solution with instant results.

Check out the video below of someone who has used it and used Renee as their model!



12 June 2011

Renee Interview on Entertainment Tonight - 1997

I can't seem to recall the date of this interview with Renee on ET so if someone knows, please let me know so I can add the date to it.
It was in 1997 sometime.

ET Interviews Renee O’Connor & Lucy Lawless – 1997
Posted on: 12th June 2011

ET Interviews Renee O’Connor & Lucy Lawless – 1997

Renee O’Connor and Lucy Lawless were interviewed by ET while on a break from filming Xena (1997). Renee’s photoshoot was for the US TV Guide.

View clip


For more Renee videos go to the AUSXIP Video Renee O'Connor Channel



10 June 2011

Renee Now Independent Consultant for Arbonne


Renee is now an independent consultant for Arbonne, a skin and body care company.

I am an actress, director, producer, and I regretfully say that I have used Paraffin, or petroleum based products for too many years.  Now, I am aware of what goes into the ingredients of my skin care and my healthcare, and with Arbonne, I can take my attention to other things I feel passionate about, such as my film and television projects.

Read more of Renee's message on her consultant page


What is the company about?

The idea to provide skin care products unparalleled in quality and effectiveness developed in Switzerland in 1975, when one man, Petter Mørck, together with a group of leading bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists, fulfilled his vision and founded Arbonne. Arbonne's skin care products, based on botanical principles, became a reality in the United States in 1980 and are now shared throughout the world through Arbonne's network of Independent Consultants.

Discuss this on AUSXIP Talking Xena ROC Chat



7 June 2011

2012 Xena Convention News - Renee Confirmed!

ImageCreation Entertainment has posted some news about the 2012 Xena Convention being held in Burbank on 27-29 January 2012. It's a little different in the way they are announcing this convention and the guest list. They still haven't created a page for the convention - just a mention on the main convention page.

The good news is that Renee has confirmed she will be at the 2012 Official Xena Con!


Fri., Sat. & Sun. January 27-29, 2012
The Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel
2500 Hollywood Way Burbank,
CA 91505


The Official Xena Convention



5 June 2011

New Xena and Gabrielle Art by Klippart

Added five new artworks by Klippart from Xena to the AUSXIP Xenaverse Art Gallery


Click here to view artwork