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30 November 2010

Renee's Movie 2010 Moby Dick Available On Demand


For those with Time Warner Cable, you can now watch Renee's movie 2010 Moby Dick on demand

2010 Moby Dick (2010): A modern adaptation of the classic novel of the captain of a high tech submarine and his obsessive quest to destroy the enormous prehistoric whale that maimed him. Now available On Demand the same day as DVD. Barry Bostwick, Renee O'Connor.

Click here for more details

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30 November 2010

Super Rare Renee O'Connor Donated Items on Adrienne Wilkinson Charity Auction

ImageAdrienne Wilkinson is holding her annual Official Adrienne Wilkinson Fan Club Charity Auction/Sale. All money raised goes to a family with medical expenses. As previous auctions, the shipping is free to anywhere in the world so here's your chance to grab some goodies. Most of the items are Buy It Now (pretty reasonable prices) and there's a couple of auction items.

Some of the items up:

VIP Cocktail Party. A total of 25 tickets are available. At least 4 celebrity guests (cast members from Xena or Venice (or both) will attend this excusive event.

Extremely Rare Renee O'Connor Personal 1997-1998 Xena Crew Jacket Renee's personal Hercules/Xena Cast and crew jacket 97-98 season. Very rare! Brand new condition. Size M. Shipping included. Donated by Renee O'Connor

Autographed Renee O'Connor Very Rare 1998 TV Guide Donated by Renee O'Connor

Autographed Renee O'Connor 2006 Shakespeare By The Sea Calendar - VERY RARE Donated by Renee O'Connor

Adrienne Wilkinson Autographed 8 x 10 Photos, Angel, Buffy, Xena, Star Wars and lots and lots of other goodies!

Check them out at AUSXIP Charity Auction site



26 November 2010

Featured Artist of the Week - SherrieB

ImageThis week's featured artist is SherrieB - love her work and she has this fantastic Renee website which is just fab!

Check out her work here



24 November 2010

Xena On The 100 Greatest Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Shows List

ImageXena has made it to number 35 in the Sci-Fi online list of the top 100 Sci-Fi/fantasy shows of the last 60 years. Not sure if I agree with what the best episodes were (the comedies) but it's a good writeup. Xena did pave the way for Buffy and the others. There hasn't been another show like it since.

The 100 Greatest Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Shows

35) Xena: Warrior Princess (1995-2001)

A spin-off from Hercules, villainous Xena became a heroine with her own comedy sidekicks. At its best in the comedy or self-referential episodes (‘The Xena Scrolls’, ‘Déjà Vu All Over Again’) and in its teasing the audience as to the exact nature of Xena and Gabrielle’s relationship, later seasons became a little too serious and it lost its lightness of touch. This fantasy romp paved the way for many late-1990s TV heroines, from Buffy to Alias’s Sydney Bristow.

View the full list

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17 November 2010

Renee Video Interview At 2010 Braveheart Awards

ImageStarCam was at the 2010 Braveheart Awards Ceremony on 9 October 2010 and they interviewed the stars including Renee O'Connor,

BraveHeart Awards are given to notable BraveHeart Women, celebrities, & leaders. They recognize these Brave Hearted shining stars (and usually one BraveHeart Man) for their purposeful and effective contributions to the BraveHeart spirit and the global community. (Source)

Renee's interview comes on 33 seconds into the clip


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16 November 2010

AUSXIP Xena Image Archive Update


The AUSXIP Xena Image Archive is slowly coming back. The Image archive is being restructured with images being consolidated into other galleries to make images easier to find.

In addition there is now a "New Images" section where you can see, at a glance, what's the latest images added to the galleries.

The current archives are online:

- What's new in the galleries
- Conventions
- Episode Stills for Season 1 - 6
- MaryD's Art
- Xenaverse Art

The following are still offline

- Xena Photoshoots
- Behind The Scenes
- Adverts & Promos
- Magazine Covers
- Comic Books
- Misc Images
- Screencaptures



15 November 2010

Xena Softball Shirts - An Update

Following my post yesterday about Creation creating some Xena Softball shirts - In part I said: Creation's design will have a small number on the front. Number 10 (X) has been chosen for very obvious reasons (and for those that don't know why...with Xena everythig happened 10 years before...and of course the Roman numeral for 10 is...X (love that). For Gabrielle, V1 (number 6) has been chosen because...Gabrielle had 6 toes on one foot (we found that out during the Season 1 episode "Dreamworker"

and I speculated that these may be the new uniforms for the softball teams organised by Penny and Regina. This afternoon I received a note from Kim alerting me to something I wasn't aware of about the softball game that was organised and the uniforms:

Penny & Regina created their own shirts via cafepress and the proceeds of those sales went to charity. How utterly cool is that! In addition to the girls making/buying their own shirts, they gave the donation to charity + the $1700 raised. That figure will go up with the auctioning off of the two autographed balls as well.

So I'm guessing they won't be using the Creation shirts for the game come next January :)



14 November 2010

Xena Art - Featured Xenaverse Artist - Calli


This week's featured Xenaverse artist is Calli. Calli has been creating fanfic covers, montages, wallpapers for close to 10 years! One of my personal favourites is the image to the left - Season 6 episode Coming Home. GORGEOUS! I've been a fan of hers for a very long time.

Check out Calli's work on her site Calli's Creations.



13 November 2010

Creation Entertainment Xena Softball Shirts

Creation is creating some softball shirts for the convention. I wonder if that idea was inspired by the fans who played for charity during the 2010 Xena Convention. Aussie Penny organised the Amphipolis Vs Potadeia softball game which raised an incredible $1700 for Starship (Amphipolis won). The girls played in the rain. It was coming down hard that day and they still played.

A couple of softballs were autographed by Lucy and Renee and they will be put up for auction by Creation (propably at the 2011 Xena Convention).

Creation are now creating Xena and Gabrielle softball shirts for the convention -- the Amphipolis Warriors and the Poteidaia Bards. Penny did say last February that they were going to continue to play the charity game at conventions so this may be their new uniforms!

Creation's design will have a small number on the front. Number 10 (X) has been chosen for very obvious reasons (and for those that don't know why...with Xena everythig happened 10 years before...and of course the Roman numeral for 10 is...X (love that).

For Gabrielle, V1 (number 6) has been chosen because...Gabrielle had 6 toes on one foot (we found that out during the Season 1 episode "Dreamworker"

I wonder if the shirts are going to have some blue for Xena and some green for Gabrielle or Purple for both. It will be interesting to see.

Penny and the girls will have nifty shirts to wear when they take to the field next year. Let's hope it's not raining when they do!



12 November 2010

Renee Video Interview - Beyond The Farthest Star

ImageRenee O'Connor meets up with Benjamin Dane in Santa Monica for an impromptu interview. For the first time since production, she talks directly with the fans.

Watch Video

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12 November 2010

Renee To Hold "Introduction To Awareness" at 2011 Xena Convention

Creation has released the following information about the upcoming 2011 Xena Convention.

ImageSpecial workshop that Renee is doing called "Introduction to Awareness" set for Saturday morning.

From the Official IAmAware site comes the following information and Price for "Introduction to Awareness"

'Introduction to Awareness' with Renee O'Connor

January 29th 2011, Los Angeles, CA

This Introductory class will be a short three hour segment which will highlight the feeling within our Awareness of a state of Presence, then continue by looking at the keys to sustaining this feeling.

Awareness training involves turning our attention inward to specific states of consciousness, with an understanding that this process of self-discovery is to be approached with curiosity, not judgment.

Get Your Tickets Here:

Seminar - $125.00 USD

Click here to order



9 November 2010

Renee Attends 2010 Freedom Awards & Freedom Rocks

Image Renee Attended the 2010 Freedom Awards & Freedom Rocks

11/07/2010 -
Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center
Redondo Beach, CA, United States

Film Magic:

Inf Events:





Bruno Press:

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8 November 2010

Xena Music Video Unforgetable by Sabina Shamsed

ImageXena Music Video – Unforgetable by Sabina Shamsed

This is s super video not only because it’s a great montage of footage but Sabina sings the soundtrack to it!

The song is Unforgetable which was sung by Ruslana at the 2004 Eurovision Contest.

View on AUSXIP Xena Music Videos Section



5 November 2010

Featured Xenaverse Artist - Rebekah Lynn


This week's featured Xenaverse Artist is Rebekah Lynn.

Rebekah has created some beautiful art and she is truly a gifted artist.

Click here to view her Xena art on AUSXIP

You can check out her official site as well - Rebekah Lynn Southwind Art



2 November 2010

Renee Directs New Sitcom Are You Kidding Me + Photos


Renee has donned her director's hat for the pilot of a new sitcom "Are You Kidding Me".

You can view behind the scenes images with Renee on the official site and on their official facebook page

Are You Kidding Me is about:

After divorcing her cheating husband, Donna and her son Del moved from NY to LA looking for a fresh start. Ten years later,the only thing she misses of her old life is her best friend Marie.

Marie comes to visit one weekend and soon has Donna out on the town for a drunken night of "old time fun". After reminiscing about how much they miss each other (see clip) Donna goes to bed while Marie sneaks out to Vegas and elopes with the cop they met that night. The next day, after processing the news of the nuptials, Marie informs Donna that all three of her kids are coming in to LA to celebrate her 6th and (hopefully) final marriage. Donna suddenly realizes that her "family" should not be 3000 miles apart and although it's tight quarters, the two families move in together.