March 2009

23 March 2009
Renee's Rio Luncheon Ticket Information

The following was posted on the ROCProductions site and it has ticketing information:

ROC Productions welcomes you to a unique opportunity: An intimate conversation with  RENEE O'CONNOR.

From Noon until 2:30pm on Saturday April 18 th , in the heart of Copacabana Beach, BRAZIL, ROC Productions will host a luncheon for Renee's Brazilian fans.

Your reservation admits you to a beautiful lunch to be followed by (technology permitting) a screening of Renee's new short film “Words Unspoken.”

After the screening Renee will discuss the making of the film and answer your questions.

To end the occasion, there will be an autograph session. Cameras are permitted, no video please.

Renee has been busying making individual pastel pieces of art to give to each person attending, along with a gift bag including a copy of Diamonds and Guns , a signed photograph, and a ticket for the autograph session to sign one additional piece guests may bring. 

The price per ticket is USD $495, with limited seating on a first come basis.  The first five guests to register will receive a special gift at the luncheon.

Location will be announced via email on Thursday, April 2nd. For further questions, contact .

To buy tickets go here




19 March 2009


2009 Annual AUSXIP Auction - 21-30 March 2009
Auction date is fast approaching on 21 March! I hope everyone is ready because this is going to be great! We have some amazing items, some are super rare and having gone through each one of them, I can safely say there is something for everyone in all price ranges.

We have autographed items signed and donated for this auction from Lucy, Renee, Adrienne, Katherine, Steven, Simone Lahbib and many other contributors. They have graciously given of their time and talents to help make the 2009 Annual AUSXIP Charity Auction a success. We all realise we live in tough financial times but let's dig a little deep this year to help those in need.

Some of the items coming up are:

  • Shark Tooth Necklace worn during Roxy 2007 concert Donated by Lucy for this auction!
  • Lucy Lawless Xena Costume - Here She Comes Miss Amphipolis - Gold costume!
  • GORGEOUS Lucy Lawless B/W Portrait by Lida Verner and autographed by Lucy (this 8 x 10 is just SUPERB!)
  • Autographed Xena Metal Sword by Lucy
  • Autographed Adrienne Portrait drawn by Renee (the original)
  • Dine with Xena Alumni - Adrienne Wilkinson and Katherine Fugate!
  • Have Dinner with Steven Sears!
  • Boogeyman 2 DVD signed by Renee
  • Renee dancing at Lucy's Concert - Autographed by Renee
  • Gabrielle Trading Cards - Autographed by Renee
  • ALA Bookmark Signed by Renee
  • Ghost Town The Movie Sweatshirt Signed by Renee
  • On Location Memphis Film Festival Hat signed by Renee
and lots more..I could go on but will have to wait to surprise you all with some more great stuff. To prepare you all for the auction, the FAQ is now online! If you haven't registered yet, you can go to the user registration page

Coming up tomorrow will also be a special video message from Adrienne about this auction filmed a few days ago!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in last year's auction!





12 March 2009


Upcoming US VCR Alert
The Adventures of Huck Finn
Hallmark channel in the USA
Sat Mar 21 2009 : 09:00 AM ET / 08:00 AM CT
Sat May 9 2009 : 11:00 AM ET / 10:00 AM CT 
Hallmark Channel

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11 March 2009


Renee for Dragoncon? Let's Make It Happen...
The following was posted on AUSXIP Talking Xena's ROC Chat by schuttegirl:

Apparently, Renee would like our help.

A friend of mine was asked by Renee's assistant to put the word out there to write to the folks at DragonCon and ask for Renee to be a guest. The one thing we aren't clear on is when, this year or next. To cover our bases we wrote and suggested that Renee be asked as a guest either this year or next. Hopefully, enough people will write in to make it happen for Renee.

Anyway...just thought I would pass it on.

**edited to add an email address: hopefully, if they all go to the same place it will have more of an impact.

Discuss this over at ROC Chat and also send in your email asking for Renee to be at Dragoncon!



Upcoming Renee Appearance - Rio, Brazil - 18 April 09

Posted 03/11: Happy days for Brazillian fans, Renee will be making a special appearance in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil sometime in April, date to be determined!

Update 03/12: Renee has posted the following on her site about this event (you lucky Brazillians!)

Hello, Brazil !  I am coming to you at last! This is going to be a small gathering, for lunch and an intimate Q&A.

We will be coming to you with the date and information to follow.


Update: 03/13: Renee has posted the date: 18 April 2009

Chat about this on Talking Xena ROC Chat




4 March 2009


Words Unspoken At Memphis Film Festival in April

Renee's excellent short film, Words Unspoken, is going to be shown at the On Location Memphis Film Festival in April. Renee attended this event last year (29 March 2009) for Diamonds and Guns and she had a panel about the movie. You can see pictures from the event.

Words Unspoken is about the road to forgiveness unfolds as a man searches his heart to help assist in his father's dying wish

If you would like to read a review of the movie (no spoilers) click here
The Renee O'Connor Words Unspoken Fan Site is here

The following is from the On Location Memphis Film FEstival site

Dates for the festival will take place April 23-26 at Malco's Ridgeway Four - where we will "take over" the theatre showing films on all 4 screens Fri-Sun.  We will be making a special announcement in the coming weeks regarding our Opening Night film scheduled for Thursday, April 23 with red carpet treatment and (hopefully) celebrity attendees!

Stay tuned for more updates on the schedule, specific info on each film, more film additions, workshops, special screenings for children and Senior Citizens, and our Young Film Critics Contest!  We have many new and exciting events and elements to our festival this year - you won't want to miss a thing!

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1 March 2009


2009 Xena Convention Reports by KT
I have to say this is one of my favourite parts of any convention page - KT's reports. One of the joys of going to conventions is to meet up with your friends (and I think a good many people just go for that
reason). It's always a joy to meet up with KT because she is so funny and cool. Last year I was sitting next to her and watched her do her thing with trying to transcribe everything. It's pretty impressive.
Just thought I would mention that because when you're reading these's not taped, it's handwritten. This year she had moved (I wonder if it's because last year I kept yakking while she was trying to write? <g>

* Con Report - Lucy Part 1 by KT
* Con Report - Lucy Part 2 by KT
* Con Report - Renee by KT
* Con Report - Lucy and Renee Part 1
* Con Report - Lucy and Renee Part 2
* Con Report - Lucy and Renee Part 3





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