February 2009


26 February 2009

The Streamtv and Renee's Shoutouts
This is just hysterical to watch. Renee is so cute trying to do the shoutouts after the hour long interview with Jeff from FilmNut at
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Renee's Filmnut Interview - Excellent Interview!

FilmNut - Episode 313 - Renee O'Connor
Aired Live: 25 February 2009

  Round 2 with Renee O'Connor did not disappoint! Fans around the world tuned in and got what they expected, a passionate, sincere, fun loving artist sharing her filmmaking and life experiences. We covered her just completed dramatic short, "Words Unspoken" in which O'Connor acts, writes and directs. This is a heartfelt piece about a man fulfilling his father's dying wish that makes you think and inspires debate. In addition we touched on an upcoming web series "Ark" in which she stars. Her son Miles makes his screen debut in Words Unspoken and that was a great topic as as well as many other that came up. A lot of fan questions got asked too... After the show we had some fun having Renee to some crazy shoutouts.

Filmnut - Renee O'Connor

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Monster Ark in the UK 28 February on Sky Movies
ROC's Monster Ark is getting its first showing in the UK on Saturday 28th at 23:15 to 00:50 on Sky Movies Premiere, with numerous repeats to follow (see image below).

Many thanks to Jan for the news




24 February 2009


New Renee Charities Subsite
Added a new subsite - Renee Supported Charities.

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19 February 2009


Renee To Be Interviewed For FilmNut Again...

Just received this note from Jeff Schubert Host/Co-executive producer at FilmNut:

Renee is coming back on Filmnut Wednesday February 25th at 8pm pacific time and 11pm eastern...

Viewers can watch the interview at  For people who miss the show live there will unique link by the next day.
This is the link if people want to post questions in advance for Renee: (not all get asked, but we'll get to many... live instant message also will get priority)
You can chat about Renee upcoming interview on FilmNut on Talking Xena




17 February 2009


New Message From Renee

Renee has posted a new message and is reaching out to her friends in Australia with the horrific bushfires.

Check out her message




15 February 2009


Happy Birthday Renee!
gal/Agency_Photos_and_Candids/_thb_Renee Fan Expo 2d.jpg
Today is Renee's 38th birthday!


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13 February 2009


Ark Series - New Interview with Director

There's an article about Renee's new series Ark here, which includes the trailer and an interview with Trey Stokes. There's no release date set yet, apparently.

Tubefilter: Tell me a bit about the casting. How did you end up with Renee O’Connor?

Stokes: If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve met the whole cast. Renee O’Connor, Adam Cardon and Marjo-Riikka Makela are our actors, though Ark has at least one more character who never really appears on screen but plays a key role. No, it’s not a HAL-like ship computer, that’d be far too easy.

Getting Renee on board was just the luckiest of lucky breaks. We had no plans to go out to any “names”, but as it turned out, she found us. She heard about the project and was interested. So we met with her, even though I couldn’t imagine somebody with her experience would want to do our web series. In fact, I spent most of the meeting trying to talk her out of it. I kept talking about our tiny budget and ridiculously short schedule, because I didn’t want her to get mad later and kill me with a stick. She’s trained in that.

But it turns out Renee directs and produces her own short films, she’s even done her own low-budget feature.  So she was completely on board with our hey-gang-let’s-make-a-webseries attitude.  And about halfway through the meeting it finally dawned on me that she was perfect for the role. So I gave up on trying to talk her out of it and just started hoping she’d do it.

So Renee came on board somewhat unexpectedly, but Adam and Marjo-Rikka came to us the old-fashioned way, they showed up at the casting call and nailed the audition. The three of them made my job easy - most of the time I just got out of their way and said “action”.  And Renee didn’t kill me with a stick, so I guess it worked out all right.

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News contributed by Barbara Davies




12 February 2009


New Renee Subsite: Words Unspoken

Renee premiered her new short film which she wrote and directed at the 2009 Xena Convention called Words Unspoken.

I watched this short film at the convention and I was very impressed. I wrote a review and also created a new subsite for the movie.

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11 February 2009


Renee Pictures - 2009 Xena Convention

Just added some gorgueous Renee pictures from the 2009 Xena Convention by KT Jorgensen.

Renee on her own by (31 pictures) KT Jorgensen

Lucy and Renee together (142) by KT Jorgensen




6 February 2009


Renee at Bitch Slap Panel
Renee was a surprise panelist at the Bitch Slap panel at the 2009 Xena Con. I wasn't present at the event until I received a text message saying to get myself down there quick smart because Renee was there. Broke a speed record (I'm sure) getting from my room to the con hall...I think I did a personal best :)

Unfortunately in my haste to get there quickly I had forgotten my card for my camera. Luckily there were more than enough cameras to chronicle Renee's hilarious time on stage as Sister Batril. To her credit she stayed in character the whole time. Renee was having such a great time.

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You can also check out the two YouTube Videos - Part 1 and Part 2 which are absolutely hysterical.




3 February 2009


XIV. Annual Xena Con Photos by MaryD
Added a images of Renee by MaryD from Sunday of the XIV. Annual Xena Con. More images to follow tomorrow.



Christie Keith's Words Unspoken Interview with Renee
Christie Keith's interviewed Renee at the XIVth Annual Xena Convention about her short film Words Unspoken. You can read the interview as part of her Xena Con blog on, it is about a 1/3rd of a page down. 



AE's Xena Con Blog updated
Christie Keith's Xena Con Blog has been updated with great photos and snippets about the entire weekend, including the panels of Lucy, Renee, Claire, Hudson, Victoria Pratt, Tony Todd, The Widow Twanky, Jennifer Ward-Leland, Jacquelin Kim, the Bitch Slap Panel and Sister Batril.




2 February 2009


Review: Words Unspoken
Words Unspoken

Review by MaryD

Renee premiered her new short film which she wrote and directed at the 2009 Xena Convention. It would be very true to say that those in attendance were spellbound and moved by the film. It's not a light hearted movie. It's short, sharp and deeply emotional.

The movie is about a man who takes his father on one last journey to fulfil his father's dying wish. I sat there and was absolutely spellbound by the depth of this story. Without giving away the ending (it would
be a disservice to Renee and the rest of her team to do so), I thought it was very powerful. The theme of parental abuse and the repercussions to the abused  is a powerful statement about how the characters handle the betrayal of trust.

Renee has grown as a director (her acting is as fantastic  as ever) and her writing was so deep. I was very impressed by her writing. It was powerful and it made you feel; that is the goal of any writer - if your reader or in this case your audience has a reaction to what they see, then you have achieved your goal.

Many in the audience could relate to Charles, the main character played by Jed Sura, and the feelings brought to the surface
by this film was raw and heartfelt. Renee's son, Miles, was also in this film as Charles as a young boy. He did a very good job in
his first acting role.

I found it personally very difficult to watch and yet couldn't look away. It touched a raw nerve that stayed with me hours after I had
seen it.

Words Unspoken will force you to question, to debate and to feel deeply.




1 February 2009


Mini Xena Con Report
Renee O'Connor's movie Words Unspoken premiered at the convention, ready for the film festival circuit. It is a wonderfully acted piece that will no doubt get the recognition it deserves. Two clips were shown from the upcoming web-series The Ark, looks like an engaging mysterious scif-fi with a lot of potential. | Mini Xena Con Report




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