April 2009

29 April 2009


New Renee Message from Her Site
Renee has posted a new message on her site about her trip to Brazil, the Burn Relay and other interesting things.

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26 April 2009


Photos of Renee from Brazil!
The pictures from Renee's Q&A and lunch with Brazillian fans are still coming in (which is always good) and this time Angelina has sent in 70 photos from the event.

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25 April 2009


Renee at 2009 Burn Relay - Photos

Renee participated in the Southern California Firefighters Burn Relay to help raise funds for the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. The Los Angeles Firefighter Burn Relay – an opportunity to raise funds and recognize the fire service for all of their support of  the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation’s programs and services.

AUSXIP'S Christa and KT were there and took some great shots of Renee along with Miles.

Michelle Munier also submitted her pictures.

Check them out here

The Main 2009 Burn Relay page is located here

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22 April 2009


It's Official - No Xena Movie...
Well we all kind of figured this was going to happen (or more to the point not happen) but now Rob has confirmed it. There will be NO Xena movie (at least not with Lucy and Renee in the roles).
Brent  Hartinger interviewed Rob and sent me a note to alert me to his interview.

Posted on 21 April 2009 by Brent Hartinger, Editor

Rob Tapert, the co-creator of television’s Xena: Warrior Princess, has given up hope that there will ever be a feature film version of the classic show, at least not any time soon or starring series leads Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor.

“It’s something that just won’t happen,” Tapert told in an exclusive interview. “I don’t think it’s going to happen for Lucy and Renee. In twenty years or ten years, in some amount of years, like McGyver, like Charlie’s Angels, it [could] happen like that [with other actresses].”

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More Renee Pics from Brazil!

Lorena has sent over some gorgeous Renee pics from the Q&A / Lunch with Renee. More are to come!

You can now view Lorena's pictures

Desyree's pictures can be viewed here

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21 April 2009


Renee in Brazil - Photos!


Renee in Brazil!

Hot off the presses (or email in this case) is photos from Desyrée who shared
her photos of Renee and the fans from Renee's visit to Rio on 18 April 2009.

A report from the event will also be available soon!

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16 April 2009


Bitch Slap Premiere at Cannes 13-24 May 2009
[According to this website, which is aimed at industry professionals, Bitch Slap will have its premiere at Cannes (which is 13 - 24 May 2009). This chimes with the comment Julia Voth made in her recent Examiner interview. No confirmation from anywhere else yet, though.]


Genre : Action/Adventure

Country(ies) : USA
Language(s) : ENGLISH

Director(s) : Rick JACOBSON
Cast : Julia VOTH, Erin CUMMINGS, America OLIVO, Michael HURST, Lucy LAWLESS, Zoe BELL
Producer(s) : Rick JACOBSON, Eric GRUENDEMANN

Market status
CAN Screening (Premiere)

Market History : Cannes 2009 (Premiere)

Production Schedule
Year of production : 2009

News contributed by Barbara Davies



AUSXIP Auction Final Tally!

Hi folks,

I have to say I am beyond stoked about this figure - I'm thrilled to tiny little bits that in this economic tough time, people have been so generous with their time, their money and their willingness to give for the greater good.

I've just received the final figure from Starship together with the ROC Outreach Fund and Adrienne's charity.

The figure comes to $18,165.24

Last year we raised $16,173.86 which is an increase of $1992!

I want to take the time to thank my two sidekicks - Roger and Christa for their hard work in shipping everything out and the support they have given me throughout the auction. I'm so proud of them and also proud of this fandom. Thank you also goes to those who came up to me at the last convention or emailed and gave me items or offered their help and in particular Julie Eaton, Kim Manrique, Mesh & Bev,  KG MacGregor, Val Foster, Barbara Bruno, Marilyn Edwards, Tiger and Tracy. Hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone. You guys rock.

I also want to take the time to thank our Xena alumni who took the time to make this auction even more special: Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Adrienne Wilkinson, Katherine Fugate, Steven Sears, Melissa Good and Simone Lahbib (who isn't a Xena alumni but took the time to help out and has been adopted as one).

Thank you everyone!





11 April 2009


Vore for Renee Top 100 List on
It's voting time again on AfterEllen. You can nominate Renee in the Hot 100 list.

It's time for The Hot 100 again! Time to tell the world who lesbian and bi women think are sexy — because even with all the increased visibility we've had in the last decade, heterosexual men and women still dominate the discussion about who and what is attractive, online, on TV, and in magazines like People and Maxim.

Which makes creating this list not only fun, but a little bit revolutionary.

In the form below, you can submit your nominations for the 10 women you think are the hottest women on the planet. They can be gay or straight, young or old, and of any race or nationality — basically, any woman who turns you on. The woman with the most votes will be No. 1, the woman with the second highest number of votes will be No. 2, and so on down the list (which means it doesn't matter in what order you list the names in the form).

Voting will stay open for two weeks until April 24th, and then we'll publish the results on Monday, May 11th. To keep you entertained in between, we'll feature one of the 100 on the blog each weekday from April 27th to May 8th, and you can guess where she landed on the list.

This year, you can also submit nominees for companion lists in the following categories: 10 Hottest Out Lesbian/Bi Women, 10 Hottest Women of Color, and 10 Hottest Women Over 40. And yes, you can nominate someone for more than one list. To submit up to 5 nominees in each of these separate polls just click on the relevant icon (before or after completing your Hot 100 submissions below):

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10 April 2009


Xena Episode Stills - Season 1 Episode 1
Season 1 Episode 1: Sins of the Past.

What a great start to a great show - we meet Xena, reformed warlord and ex girlfriend of Hercules out on her path of redemption and Gabrielle, young, naive village girl...out to follow the former warlord no matter what.

Click here for the images | Click here to read the review

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9 April 2009


How Renee Was Cast As Sister Batril
Sharon has posted a behind the scenes video from the 2009 Xena Convention of Rick Jacobson. Rick talks about the making of Bitch Slap and how Renee was cast as a nun.


Check it out here




3 April 2009


2009 Xena Convention Behind The Scenes Sister Batril
gal/Saturday/Bitch_Slap_Panel/Photos_by_Xena4Eternity/_thb_xe-rocbitchslap2009-002.jpgSharon has posted a new video of Renee in the green room at the 2009 Xena Convention getting ready to put on her nun gear. This was for the Bitch Slap panel where Renee surprised the fans by joining the panel. Mad dash to get back for those that weren't in attendance since it wasn't on the schedule that Renee would be there.

Click here to view the video!






2 April 2009


Renee to Attend Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Relay

Renee has announced on her site that she will be taking part in the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Relay on April 25.

She says "help support the foundation's summer camps and their expanded efforts to help enhance the lives of burn victims. It is always an honor for me to participate. If you are in Los Angeles , and want to take a quick picture, please check their website for the West Side Station stops. I will be finishing my run before the final destination , so please come to one of the earlier stops that day."

For more info call:
LA County Fire Department, Station 118: Saturday, April 25, 2009
Contact: Rey Dong at (818) 848-0223

To read Renee entire message visit her site





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