September 2008

24 September 2008


Bitch Slap Wallpaper - Renee as Sister Batril
The official Bitch Slap site has some new items of interest for Lucy and Renee fans:

You can now download the official Movie art work of each character (which includes Lucy & Renee)

Wallpapers (like the thumbnail) of Lucy and Renee as Mother Superior and Sister Batril are available in various sizes for download.

Just look under Downloads - click here for the site

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18 September 2008


New Renee Message...

Renee has posted a new message on her site about her ebay auction and her independent film Words Unspoken (the ebay auction is raising money for Hurricane relief and also her independent film).

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17 September 2008


Renee Ebay Auction For Charity

Renee has just posted the following ebay auction where 10% of the final sale price will support Southern Search & Rescue/Emergency Response Units, Inc.

Hello! This is a limited series I am printing for the 'Santorini, Greece' oil painting I made earlier this year. There are only 25 available, and I will autograph it too!

Thank you! Cheers, Renee

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The current bidding is at $55




16 September 2008


TV Guide Article: What I Learnt From Xena

The Canadian TV Guide site has an article "What I learned from 'Xena'
16 September 2008 and also has a picture of the author and Renee from the recent Toronto Fan Expo:

 'Cause everyone has an inner geek hidden somewhere

“In a time of ancient gods, warlords and kings, a land in turmoil cried out for a hero … She was Xena; a mighty princess forged in the heat of battle.”

The moment those words were uttered each week, I was hooked. My Wednesday nights were mapped out for six years. 9 p.m. was Xena-time, and my friends and family knew better than to disturb me.

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2008 Xena Convention DVD Now Available
The following was posted by Sharon Delaney to the Official Renee Fan Club List (the artwork for the DVD on the Creation site hasn't been updated yet with the correct one)

Burbank 08 Xena Convention DVD Now Shipping!

The "Grooving Into Burbank" dvd has arrived and we've started shipping them out!

Lucy regales the audience with tales, such as, the Meeting of the Prius and the Deer; she's hit with This Is Your Life as early photos of her youth and a man whose children she used to babysit for show up; and is surprised to find that Xena wrote a book called The Threefold Path to Peace in 1904;

Renee tells stories about, for example, how she came to sing with Lucy
at the Roxy as opposed to doing a pole dance; Lucy singing songs to a
dancing Iris; that Ghost Town will be released by Lion's Gate; writing
stories about her childhood including the saga of the twin turbo red
Porsche; returning to martial arts; Cat On a Hot Tin Roof; and does
she fall in love easily the way Gabrielle does?

Together, Lucy and Renee ponder such must know topics as does Renee prefer Lucy as a brunette or a blonde? Would they read some fan fiction together? What did Renee learn about her sexuality by hanging around Lucy? And, what's it like to kiss Renee?

And two bonus pieces:
1. The videoclip we showed at the London convention of Lucy and Renee answering the Inside the Actor's Studio five final questions.
2. Lucy's exploding compact story that I accidentally left off the
Chicago convention dvd. (blush)

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5 September 2008


Ghost Town Director Sends Message to Renee Fans....
The following is from Dean Teaster, the Producer/Director for Ghost Town The Movie which is due to be released on DVD on 28 October 2008:

It's been a long process in the making of Ghost Town "The Movie", and we are faced with a great success with Lionsgate and Barnholtz being our distributors. We and they are equally excited about the release of Ghost Town. I especially want to thank the entire Xena fans for their impressive support of the movie and of Renée O'Connor. I have never seen a more loyal assembly of loving and caring fans. I am so very happy we had Renée in our movie and I'm sure you will be extremely pleased with the movie. Especially when you see that her role was more than a cameo appearance. In fact her character "Little Jack", is very memorable like many of the others. She did ((so very well)) in portraying "Little Jack".

Renée came out like the others to be a part of a wonderful film (partially) about my ancestors history and a film that is a tribute to my father who also was a very good actor in the 1960's as "Digger the Undertaker". You can see pics of him on the Ghost Town movie IMDB web site. This tribute meant very much to me and Renée helped bring it to life. I will be ever grateful to her for that.

I also want to say that in my experience working with actors and actresses, be it limited somewhat, I left the set of Ghost Town a (FAN) of Renée O'Connor and muchly respect her as a person. She is every bit respectful, charming, and wonderful to work with. I hope muchly that in the future I get to work with her again. She has a heart made of ((pure gold)).

In closing I must add that I had additional help from MaryD, and the Talking Xena Message Forum moderators. It is greatly appreciated and you all taught me very well how caring you all are for Renée. My thanks to you all in so many ways. May this movie go down in history as one of Renée's best roles.

Dean Teaster




2 September 2008


Renee Pictures from Toronto Fan Expo
PMB has uploaded 215 images from Renee's autograph sessions at the recent Toronto Fan Expo  Gorgeous photos.

Check them out here





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