October 2008

21 October 2008
New Message and ROC Productions CafePress Store
Renee has a new message on her site regarding two new items everyone is interested in - her movie and her artwork! Check out her message here

ROC Pictures: there will be a new site dedicated to Renee's new film Words Unspoken.

New ROC CafePress store - Renee is selling her artwork on t-shirts, mugs, pillows etc. You can check out the site here




16 October 2008


Xena Movie News...
The following is from about our long awaited for Xena Movie...

Creators Would Love A Xena Reunion

Rob Tapert, former producer of TV's Xena: Warrior Princess, told SCI FI Wire that pretty much everyone involved in the old show would love to see Xena (Lucy Lawless) pick up her chakram once again for a TV movie or some other kind of reunion project.

Tapert said he even had an idea in mind, but that matters are entirely out of his hands.

"That's a Universal question," Tapert said in an interview, adding: "Meaning [NBC] Universal ... Television [Group]. I don't control the strings."

Xena ran from 1995-2001 and starred Lawless--aka Mrs. Rob Tapert--as the title heroine and Renee O'Connor as her plucky sidekick, Gabrielle. The show was both a mainstream and cult success during its time on the air, and to this day its stars and makers attend conventions worldwide.

Unfortunately, fans' hopes for a reunion movie have yet to be realized. "We've said long ago that we'd love to do something," Tapert said. "We have a fun, 300-style idea for it. ... I can't answer [why nothing's happening]." (NBC Universal Television is owned by NBC Universal, which also owns SCIFI.COM.) --Ian Spelling




15 October 2008


Renee To Attend 2009 Xena Convention!
The sensational Renee O'Connor is going to be with us at The Creation Entertainment Official XENA Convention coming to Los Angeles on January 30-February 1, 2009. It is THE news that without a doubt makes this convention the greatest yet! Renee will be joining Lucy Lawless on stage and also appearing separately.

As she has in the past Renee is also set for her uniquely cool PHOTO OPS (she always does something surprising)! For the first time in years and years Renee will be signing autographs IN PERSON at the Xena Convention! This signing will be for a limited number of fans so please grab your Renee autograph tickets asap at the convention site.


For tickets please go to Creation Entertainment

The location of 2009 Xena Convention has changed from Burbank to the LAX Marriott and the dates are: Fri., Sat. & Sun. January 30, 31, February 1, 2009

This convention is going to roc!




6 October 2008


New Renee Photos On Sale...

Renee has posted these two GORGEOUS photos in addition to some more artwork and also autographed versions of the pics.

These photos had their debut at the Toronto Fan Expo Event and I'm still waiting for the Team ROC t-shirts to surface. I'm sure those are going to be flying out the door once they become available.

Check them out here



Renee Bitch Slap Interview...

This is absolutely hysterical - Lucy and Renee are interviewed as Mother Superior and Sister Batril in a new video released on the Xena Fan Club page for the upcoming Bitch Slap move. Lucy's accent just kills me (I was fully expecting her to go into Absolutely Fabulous mode) and Renee has some zingers of her own. It's a class act.

These two work so well together it's a crime they don't team up more often.

I absolutely loved this clip and had me laughing so much.

Check it out here




4 October 2008


New Gabrielle Episode Stills - Old Ares Had A Farm
Added scans from the Xena Photo Club for July 2008 which are Episode Stills for the Season 6 episode "Old Ares Had a Farm" with Kevin Smith.

This episode was just a great excuse to show off Kevin's muscles (which I didn't mind one little bit - the guy was adorable and we all miss him so much) and to give Lucy and Renee a chance to have some fun which of course they did. That bed scene was just hysterical.

This episode also produced that funny "interview" where Renee said that she was taller than Lucy and that Lucy had to stand on a box. Cracks me up every time.

Click here to view the scans


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