November 2008

18 November 2008


Renee's new Production Site - ROC Pictures
Renee has a new site up - ROC Pictures. It's a beautifully designed site that showcases Renee's upcoming and already completed independent films.

Check it out! Congratulations to Renee and to her web team




17 November 2008


More Pics from Words Unspoken...Miles Appears
Renee has added three more photos from her independent film "Words Unspoken". Of interest in these pics (other than Renee) is one young Miles Muir, Renee's son who appears to be in the film.
Young Miles looks very much like his dad, Steve. Renee has two very gorgeous children.

Check out the pics on the Internet Movie Database
Many thanks to lostvoodoo from ROC Chat for the heads up




14 November 2008


New Bitch Slap Trailer with Renee
There is a new Bitch Slap trailer (a longish) one that briefly features Lucy and Renee as Mother Superior and Sister Batril.

Mother Superior isn't all that happy with one of the girls who strips off her nun's habit and Sister Batril is annoyed...tsk tsk - Click here to view the trailer
News contributed by Barbara Davies




7 November 2008


Behind the Scenes Pics of Renee
I just a very nice email from DJ Perry today and attached was some gorgeous photos of him and Renee He wanted to ask fans to help support Ghost Town the Movie by going to the Internet Movie Database forum and posting your comments there.





3 November 2008


New Images from Renee's Film Unspoken Words
The Internet Movie Database has 4 pictures from Renee's independent film Unspoken Words. She has asked that these photos not be posted anywhere else. There is also a new Renee candid pic from the same photoshoot as the ones recently released for sale on Renee's site.

Click here to view them on IMDb





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