July 2008

31 July 2008


New ROC Video - 2008 Comic Con - Clip 3
LB has sent in the third video clip of Renee at Comic Con promoting her new web series Ark.


Video of Renee and Trey Stokes having a jolly good time with the fans.

Trey urges LB NOT to put the video of the Ark trailer on the internet. He was joking (LB confirmed this off camera with Renee and she gave her permission). Trey, your wishes were obeyed...sorta...<g>


Click here to download video clip - wmv format
Click here to view on the AUSXIP YouTube Channel


Trey Stokes Director of Ark on Talking Xena ROC Chat

The directory of the new web series starring Renee started posting on ROC Chat on Talking Xena

You can read his postings here  and here

Welcome Trey to Talking Xena!



Monster Ark Movie Photos Now Online....

Renee has posted the first lot of behind the scenes images from her camera and others from the set of Monster Ark which is due to air on the scifi channel on 9 August.

Click here to view pictures posted on Renee's site
Click here to view pictures posted on Official Xena Fan Club Page




29 July 2008


Renee at SciFi Party - 26 July 2008 - New Images
News contributed by Barbara Davies


Entertainment Weekly/Sci Fi Celebrate Comic-Con

July 26, 2008 - J6 BAR atHOTEL SOLAMAR, 435 6th Avenue San Diego, CA United States



Renee Comic-Con Photos by Janna

Added photos of Renee from the Atom Film Booth at Comic-Con 24 July 2008

Photos by Janna

Click here to view





27 July 2008


New Renee Wallpaper - Renee on Her Horse

Added wallpaper by Sally based on Renee's gorgeous image on her horse.
Check it out.





26 July 2008


New Renee Ark Trailer Screencaptures
Added screencaptures from the Ark trailer (from the official Ark site)
Click here to view




25 July 2008


New Renee Subsite - Ark
Created a new subsite for Renee's exciting new web series called ARK.

Check it out here -

The Official Ark site is also online - Check it out here and it includes the trailer and signing up for updates!






24 July 2008


Renee as Sister Batril in Bitch Slap Promo
Here's a photo (scan to follow) of one of the postcards which were handed out at Comic Con of the upcoming Bitch Slap movie.

Click here to view all Bitch Slap promo pics



Renee Comic Con Video of Ark Trailer
Video of Renee and Ark Trailer

The video is vertical for a little bit and then straightens up to view the Ark trailer - wmv format



Renee Pics Just In from Comic-Con
LB has reported in from attending Renee's PR work at the Atom Film Booth! Check out some SUPERB high res photos.

View high res pics from Renee's PR work on Atom Film Booth - pics by LB!

Video of Renee and Ark Trailer

The video is vertical for a little bit and then straightens up to view the Ark trailer - wmv format




23 July 2008


Renee's Short Film - Calling For Extras!

Renee has posted on her official site that she is looking for some extras for new short film!

If you want to submit to me a picture of yourself to be considered as an extra in my short film, send it to my ROC Productions address, 1601 North Sepulveda Blvd. #612, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.  If you are a nurse or a police officer, or have access to this uniform, let us know. I will be contacting you only if you fit any of the roles. 

More info about the film can be found on Renee's site



Renee at Comic-Con!

Renee has confirmed that she will be at this year's Comic-Con. She will be at the Atom Film booth on the 24th July at 4 pm.

Unfortunately all tickets for the event are sold out for those that wanted to stop by and see Renee.

More info is on Renee's Official Site




21 July 2008


Renee Confirmed for Web Series
The following was posted to the Official Renee O'Connor Fan Club List by Sharon Delaney:
Renee Confirmed to Star in Online Sci-Fi Series
Got in touch with Renee and confirmed that she will be doing the
upcoming 2009 online sci-fi series Ark for Info about the series can be found on




20 July 2008


Bitch Slap Promo Screencaptures and Site Update

The official Bitch Slap site has been updated with a flash video of Lucy as Mother Superior and Renee as Sister Batril. Look under Characters and then allow your mouse to move left until you see Mother Superior and Sister Batril and click to view the flash video.

There is also a video with Michael Hurst (BitchSlap 101) - in that there is a brief shot of Lucy and Renee towards the very end, blink and you miss them, besides the stuff under the character page (thanks to LB for pointing that out!)

Click here to view screencaptures




18 July 2008


Renee Maybe Set For Web Series... has a juicy rumour of Renee starrring in a new scifi series called Ark which is going to be a web series. Interesting. Let's hope it's true!

Check out the rumour and about the series on





10 July 2008


Monster Ark Promo - Screencapture

This is the first pic from the promo on the SciFi channel site from Monster Ark (aka Genesis Code). Click on the thumbnail for the larger pic. Screencapture by Roger

The promo can be seen on the SciFi website as part of their Movie Lineup flash advert.




9 July 2008


Renee VCR Alerts for Monster Ark and Boogeyman 2
Many thanks to MET for the news

Current schedule for Monster Ark is:

Monster Ark premieres on the 9th August, at 9pm et with an encore at 1am et.

Boogeyman 2 will air on the 17th at 7pm et.




6 July 2008


High Resolution Scans from NEXT Magazine


Added high resolution scans from the NEXT magazine article. This is such a superb image...sure hope Renee releases it for sale soon. Gorgeous.

Click here to view scans





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