August 2008

29 August 2008


Renee O'Connor Video Interview from The Gate

Renee O'ConnorThe Gate chats with Renee O'Connor, star of Xena Warrior Princess on her visit to Toronto for Fan Expo

Renee talks about the fans, her movie Monster Ark and the work she is doing on her own independent films.

Great interview. Check it out.

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28 August 2008


Renee Mention in Bitch Slap Interview
Rick Jacobson Talks Bitch Slap

TB:  Am I right in thinking it was Eric who brought in Kevin Sorbo and Lucy Lawless?

RJ:  Well, yeah.  I had done a bunch of Xena and Hercules as well, but yeah, Eric was the one.  Early on as the script was getting finalized we started putting faces to it the first choice we had for this character Gage was Michael Hurst who was one of Hercules’ sidekicks and is one of New Zealand’s top Shakespearean actors.  We sent the script to him and he absolutely loved it and wanted to play Gage, which was wonderful for us.  So he was definitely from the get-go but later on when we started looking at other people and thinking we could maybe get Lucy and Ren (Renee O’Connor) and Kevin, we actually tabled that for a while thinking we don’t want to be a one-trick pony, like these are the only guys we can get and stuff.  So we then started looking around and trying to cast these other parts but we just kept coming back and wondering if maybe we were being foolish by not taking advantage of our friends who had done so much and became these personas that they are out there now. So we had these smaller roles that we thought they’d be just wonderful for so Eric gave them a buzz.  Thankfully their schedules all lined up and we were able to get them in the film.  And now we’re really glad that we did because it certainly gives the film a bit of legitimacy to have names like that in it and, of course, it was just great to work with them again.  To have Lucy and Ren back on the set and me looking through the viewfinder and framing them up, it was a good sense of deja vu.

Read the full interview

News contributed by Barbara Davies




25 August 2008


Renee at Toronto Fan Expo - Video and News

Just added a 16 second video clip of Renee signing autographs at the Fan Expo - there was heaps of people around so the noise level is pretty loud. Many thanks to maRia for the video clip!

Click here to download clip or watch it online on YouTube

Team ROCAlso of very special interest to many fans is the t-shirt that Renee's assistant Michelle is wearing.


According to PMB's report, the t-shirt is a prototype (there is a much larger pic of Michelle sporting the new t-shirt in the report) Anyone interested in a t-shirt that says TEAM ROC on it? I would say there is a ready market for those for sure. What a great idea.

Also added is a report from maRia Read her on meeting Renee

For those also wondering where the accent goes on Renee's name...the mystery is solved...ask Renee :)
Check out Schuttegirl's Post On Talking Xena




24 August 2008


Gorgeous New Renee O'Connor Pics!
gal/Agency_Photos_and_Candids/_thb_Renee Fan Expo 2d.jpg
Earl just sent me two of the new Renee photos which were available at the Fan Expo and they are GORGEOUS! I have reduced the image size to 400 x 600 because Renee is selling these (and hopefully) will sell them on her site. Simply stunning!

Check out the gorgeous photos!

Also added some more pics from the Fan Expo from today's autograph session. Check them out here




23 August 2008


Renee O'Connor Pictures from Fan Expo
maRia, Noa and Earl Brown have reported in from the Fan Expo in Toronto with some gorgeous Renee pictures from the autograph session!

Check them out here

You can also read PMBpro's excellent report and more Renee pics on Talking Xena ROC Chat - check it out



Renee On Criminal Minds - Australian VCR Alert
Renee is to appear on Criminal Minds on Channel 7 on Wednesday
27 August 2008 (Australian TV).


A Higher Power" - When the suicide rate spikes in a Pittsburgh neighborhood, the BAU team suspects the deaths may actually be the result of a serial killer who believes he is an "Angel of Death," on CRIMINAL MINDS,

Renee's role is: Pam Baleman.

Click here to download clips and screencaptures from this episode

News contributed by Mark




22 August 2008


Upcoming Renee O'Connor Interview
Renee O'Connor
The Gate Entertainment Online Magazine will have an interview with Renee from the Toronto Fan Expo

The video interview will be up shortly according to the site:

And today I interviewed Renée O’Connor (the sweetie/hottie who played Gabrielle in Xena: Warrior Princess and stars in the new web series Ark), before heading to Fan Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Click here to see the gorgeous pic of Renee



Xena Photo Scans June 2008 - Maternal Instincts
 The Xena Photo Club Scans for June 2008 is from the Season 3 Episode 11: Maternal Instincts. It was the start of the rift between Xena and Gabrielle. Many fans would say the rift began in the Season 3 episode The Deliverer where Xena distracted by her obsession with Caesar, didn't notice Gabrielle's friendship with Khrafstar which had devastating consequences thus bringing us to Gabrielle's rape by Dahok (you can't call it anything else because that's what it was) and the birth of Hope.
Gabrielle's actions in not killing her daughter Hope in Gabrielle's Hope had deadly consequences. Added to the mix is the goddess Callisto and Xena's son Solan.
The end result was the infamous rift which tore apart Xena and Gabrielle and the Xenaverse. The conflict culminated in The Bitter Suite where a crazed Xena does the unthinkable to Gabrielle with the shocking GabDrag.




20 August 2008


Renee O'Connor's Ark on ITunes
Itunes now features the Ark trailer in their Podcast section!
News contributed by Sherrie

If you haven't caught up with the news about the new science fiction web series Ark (where have you been hiding?) it's the new web series starring Renee as Connie. It looks like it's going to be FANTASTIC.

A child’s voice call out “Mom, wake up.” Connie obliges, slowly regaining consciousness after a deep sleep. But she doesn’t wake up in her bed.  She is not in a bed of any kind. Consumed with panic, Connie screams and pounds against the glass of the coffin-like pod in which she is mysteriously confined. But the relief that comes with escape is only replaced by fear and confusion unlike any Connie has ever experienced. Because Connie is not in her bed. Connie is not on this planet.
Renee was at Comic Con recently and LB came back with some video of Renee and Trey (the director). Check it out out the AUSXIP subsite for the series - Renee O'Connor Ark The Series




19 August 2008


Renee O'Connor Monster Ark Artwork by Mesh
Mesh has created some FANTASTIC Monster Ark artwork of Renee from the movie!

Check them out here




16 August 2008


Renee O'Connor Ghost Town The Movie DVD
Ghost Town the Movie can now be pre-ordered through

You can read my review of the movie (I received a copy to review some time ago and Renee simply is outstanding in this movie)

This is a movie that Renee fans will want in their collection.




15 August 2008


Renee O'Connor Ark The Series YouTube Channel
You can now subscribe to the Ark The Series YouTube Channel to watch all the upcoming Ark series.

Click here to view

What is ARK About?

A child's voice calls out "Mom, wake up." Connie obliges, slowly regaining consciousness after a deep sleep. But she doesn't wake up in her bed. She is not in a bed of any kind. Consumed with panic, Connie screams & violently pounds against the glass of the coffin-like pod in which she is mysteriously confined. But the relief that comes with escape is only replaced by a fear and confusion unlike any Connie has ever experienced. Because Connie is not in her bed. Connie is not on this planet.

Created by Gabe Sachs and Jeff Judah. Starring Renee O'Connor.




13 August 2008


New Xena Article Scans - Dragao Number 49 - 1998

Added a Brazillian magazine Dragao #49 to the AUSXIP Articles Archive. Unfortunately I don't have a translation for this article but it does have some nice Xena and Gabrielle promo pics.

The issue is #49 but I'm also unsure of the year but it looks to be around 1998 (If you know for certain which year it is, please let me know so I can archived it in the appropriate place.

Click here to view the scans



Renee Scans - Xena Photo Club Scans September 06
This is another favourite episode - Season 3- Episode 9: Warrior...Priestess...Tramp - this episode showcased Lucy's comedic talent and skill at playing three characters: Xena, Leah and that ever lovable but totally naughty Meg - Pwaise Hestia! The Hestian Priestess was hysterical. Poor Gabrielle was once again confused as yet another Xena lookalike surfaces.

Click here to view the Photo Club Scans for September 2006




12 August 2008


Fangoria Reviews Monster Ark

Fangoria has a review of Monster Ark which isn't all that complimentary about the movie. Fangoria is into horror and gore and Monster Ark didn't have enough of it (that's always a good thing in my book).

Click here for those that want to read the review




11 August 2008


New Xena Images - The Quest
The Quest is one of my all time favourite episodes - it was a superb episode and it happened because of Lucy's accident on the Jay Leno Show in October 1996.

The writers: Chris Manheim, Steven Sears and RJ Stewart wrote one of the best episodes of the series and Renee truly shined. This episode is a favourite episode to
many fans and showcased Renee's talent.

View the scans from the May issue of the Xena Photo Club



Renee Boards Web Ark - Article
The following was posted on

O'Connor Boards Web Ark

Monster Ark star Renee O'Connor told SCI FI Wire that she's wrapped production on a similarly named SF series for the Internet: Ark, which combines live action and computer animation.

In Ark, O'Connor (Xena: Warrior Princess) plays Connie, a young woman who awakens on a spaceship and in a pod that resembles a coffin. She has to determine why and how she is on the ship and whether or not she can return home.

"[Ark] is the Internet TV show that I just finished for Judah-Sachs, the show runners for the Beverly Hills 90210 show coming up," O'Connor said during an Aug. 6 conference call, referring to producers Jeff Judah and Gabe Sachs, who developed the show with creator Robbie Thompson (Jericho). "That has a sci-fi element, but this woman, she's a heroine. She's a schoolteacher, and she is a survivor, and I love characters like that."

O'Connor--who has also ventured into writing, producing and directing--also confirmed that she's submitted several ideas to SCI FI Channel. "I can't really talk about that right now," O'Connor said with a laugh when asked if she's working on anything at the moment.

The independent comic publisher Oni Press and 60Frames will launch Ark as print comic books and a Web-based series next year. --Ian Spelling





10 August 2008


Renee Monster Ark Video Clips and HD Screencaptures


Roger has been busy digitising Renee's Monster Ark movie and the clips are now available for download. Screencaptures to follow!

The reviews from various fans have been coming in and the consensus seems to be that this is a good movie (although the monster needed some extra oomph) and Renee shined!

Click here for the video clips

Just added 337 HD screencaptures - these took a little time because they are HD quality.

The size is 1920 x 1080. They have been reduced on screen to fit the site design so just click on the 100% button at the top of the image to get the full size. Major thanks to Roger for taking the time to do these captures at HD quality.


Click here for the screencaptures
or download zipped file of the screencaptures


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9 August 2008


Renee Message About SciFi Fan Expo...
For those who are going to the SciFi Fan Expo to see Renee there has been a change of plans. Renee won't be doing a Q&A on the Friday evening but she will be there August 23 and part of August 24.

Read Renee's Message

About the SciFi Fan Expo:

Now entering it’s 14th year, the Expo showcases over 600 exhibits and sprawls to over 220,000 square feet. In 2007, Fan Expo Canada welcomed over 43,000 attendees. 

The phenomenonal guest list - every year - boasts many celebrity guests who sign autographs, host presentations and conduct question and answer sessions with their loyal fans. Attendees travel from all over the world to attend this ultimate annual event.

Click here for tickets

Official Site Link

Click here to view Renee's Bio Page




8 August 2008


Renee O'Connor Saves The World - AfterEllen Interview
The following was posted on

In need of a Renee O'Connor fix? I know I am, which is why I'll set aside my usual aversion to monster movies and tune into the SciFi Channel's Monster Ark this Saturday night at 9 p.m. And it's also why I turned up bright and early for a phone interview with Renee Wednesday morning, where she talked about the film, working with Xena co-star Lucy Lawless in the film Bitch Slap, and of course, how she feels about all of us at


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7 August 2008


Watch Monster Ark 9 August 2008!
Watch Monster Ark Promo -                Download clip               



Australian LOTL Magazine - Xena Lives!

Australian LOTL Magazine August 2008 - Xena Lives!

The leather clad butt-kicking chakram throwing Warrior Princess officially hung up her sword in 2001 when the six year season run called it quits, but Xenites traverse the globe annually to attend Xena get-togethers

The article has a picture of Renee at the convention.




6 August 2008


Renee O'Connor Interview on
The following was posted on

's O'Connor Keeps The Faith

Renee O'Connor, who stars in the upcoming SCI FI Channel original movie Monster Ark, told SCI FI Wire that she plays a heroine who tries to save her former husband (Carnivale's Tim DeKay) and the world as well.

"I'm co-starring with Tim DeKay, and we play ex-husband and wife, so there's a bit of friction between us," O'Connor said during an Aug. 6 conference call. "We have some unresolved matters, and we try to resolve them during the course of, yes, saving humanity."

O'Connor, best known for her long stint as Gabrielle on TV's Xena: Warrior Princess, said that her Monster Ark character is an archaeologist named Ava. She and her ex, Nicholas, used to go together on expeditions but headed in different directions personally and professionally.

Read More



More Monster Ark Photos - Iris Included

There are some beautiful pictures of Iris in the latest batch of photos from Renee and another message from Declan O'Brien, the director of Monster Ark. Check them out on Renee's Official Site

You can also chat with other fans about the upcoming Monster Ark movie on Talking Xena ROC Chat

Watch the promo of the movie on AUSXIP's Monster Ark subsite




5 August 2008


Renee's Monster Ark - Message from the Director...

I received this note from Declan O'Brien, the director for Monster Ark (which is due to air 9 August) that I was asked to pass along to everyone :)


I know your a devoted fan of Renee O'Connor's work.  I just wanted to drop you a line from location on my next film to tell you to alert all the fans.  Renee did an AMAZING job on Monster Ark.  The film turned out great and it's highly entertaining and filled with action.  But most importantly the quality of acting between Renee O'Connor and Tim DeKay is some of the best I've ever had the honor to direct.  Tell everyone.  Monster Ark is going to be incredibly fun.

Best wishes,
Declan O'Brien



More Monster Ark Behind The Scenes Photos
More behind the scenes photos from Renee have been posted on the Official Xena Fan Club Page and a message from the director (slightly different to the one that was posted on AUSXIP)

Click here to view the pics!




4 August 2008


Lionsgate To Release Ghost Town on 28 October 2008
Lionsgate to Release 'Dean Teaster's Ghost Town' on DVD this October

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., August 4th /PRNewswire/ -- Lionsgate(R)
the leading next generation filmed entertainment studio, in association
with Barnholtz Entertainment, announced today that it will release the
western feature "Dean Teaster's Ghost Town" on DVD October 28th in the United States and Canada.

     "Dean Teaster's Ghost Town," the dream project of Dean Teaster and DJ Perry, is an 1800s western set in North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains and was filmed at the "Ghost Town in the Sky" theme park located in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. A brutal story of love, hate, revenge, and family honor, the movie reunites the two mountain men from John Boorman's 1972 classic "Deliverance" -- Herbert "Cowboy" Coward and Bill McKinney. Voted number one movie villains of all-time by "Maxim Magazine" in 2005, McKinney
and Coward scared audiences with their mountain man delivery that struck fear in millions of moviegoers.

    The movie also features DJ Perry ("GPS," "Miracle at Sage Creek"),
Princess Lucaj ("Jericho," "Uncross the Stars"), Rance Howard ("A Beautiful Mind," "Chinatown"), Renee O'Connor ("Xena: Warrior Princess," "Diamonds and Guns"), country music stars Sammy Kershaw ("The Beverly Hillbillies," "Fall Time") and Stella Parton ("A Dance for Bethany," "Rhinestone"), Terence Knox ("Tour of Duty," "St. Elsewhere") and Tony Becker ("The Walton's," "Melrose Place," "Walker, Texas Ranger"). In addition, Robert Bradley, Ghost Town in the Sky's original "Apache Kid," is also featured in the movie.

Read more




3 August 2008


Renee Monster Ark SciFi Promo Video Clip

Added new scifi promo / ad video clip for Monster Ark. Voice over in part by Renee. Video created by Roger


Click here to view or download clip







2 August 2008


Monster Ark Movie Photos Updated

Renee has posted more pics from the set of Monster Ark. Currently there is 6 photos with more to come.

Check them out on her official site



Official Monster Ark Site Now Online
News contributed by Amy

The Scifi has started airring a Monster Ark (which will go to air 9 August) promo and also set up the Official Monster Ark site. Click here view





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