The Park Record - 28 January 2005

Single mom faces deployment. Short film examines the human cost of war

Mercury News - 24 January 2005

One Weekend a Month'' shows Meg (played by Renee O'Connor of ``Xena: Warrior Princess'') making a series of increasingly desperate phone calls to try to find someone to take care of her children while she's at war. With increasingly long National Guard deployments in Iraq, this under-documented problem has become a looming crisis in the military's ranks. Escobar's film powerfully illuminates the problem.

The Park Record - 29 January 2005

2005 Sundance Film Festival Winners | The Shorts Jury awarded Honorable Mentions in Short Filmmaking to ONE WEEKEND A MONTH; RYAN (Canada), SMALL TOWN SECRETS,TAMA TU (New Zealand) and VICTORIA PARA CHINO.


Longer review plus spoilers by Annie (25 September 2004)

Review by Stephen Taylor (25 September 2004)

Review by Warren Serkin (21 September 2004)

Renee's portrayel of Meg (in One Weekend A Month) was exceptional, as usual, made even more remarkable since there was no makeup and no script. This just added to the power, reality and raw emotion of the character. It must have been very traumatic creating that incredible performance.

Renee attended the showing along with her costar (her daughter in the movie) the director and his girlfriend. I had the unique pleasure of sitting one row in front of them and also being able to talk to both Eric and Renee after all three films were shown. She was as lovely and gracious as ever and a joy to talk to. We spoke about the film in particular and acting in general. I'm glad I had the opportunity to thank her in person for providing the inspiration I needed to make the career change to acting and really hope to work with her some day. Eric hope to make a sequel to the film showing Meg's return from her one year service in Iraq and how it has affected her. Maybe he'll have a part for me in it.


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