5 February, 2005

Added screencaptures from the movie One Weekend a Month

4 February

Renee's short film is now available to view on the Sundance web site If you have not registered, you are asked to register, then go to films, select shorts and scroll down to One Weekend a Month. This is an excellent short film, very powerful and Renee shines in the role of Meg.

1 February

These photos are from WireImage and are of Renee at the Sundance Film Festival with Eric Escobar

31 January

Congratulations to Eric Escobar and Renee. The movie has been awarded an Honorable Mention in Shorts Filmmaking by the Shorts Jury at the Sundance Film Festival - how cool is that! many thanks to Ross from the Texas Merpups for the news

29 December

For those who won't be going to the Xena con or to a theater where the movie will be playing - here's the next best thing: (from Alex via Eric Escobar)

"You're in luck. One Weekend A Month will be showing on the Sundance On-line Film Festival website starting January 20th, so all of my fans, and of course Renee's fans, will be able to watch the film from the comfort of their desktops. Granted seeing the film on 35mm, in a theater, with an audience is a much more powerful experience, I'm delighted that everyone, everywhere with a DSL connection will be able to get the message of the film."

The Sundance online website is Apparently viewers will be able to access the films for free. Check in January to access the film. Many thanks to Alex for the information

9 December

One Weekend A Month is among the list of short films to be in the Sundance Film Fest January 20-30, 2005. You have to go down the page a bit to the Shorts and US Shorts list. Many thanks to MET for the news

From Sharon Delaney comes this note about the movie at the film fest One Weekend A Month has been selected for competition in the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. The fest runs from Jan 20th - 30th in Park City, Utah. I don't know the screening dates yet, but there will probably be 6 of them. Getting into Sundance is a tremendous honor, and I'm certain it will help raise awareness of both the film and the issue of the intense strain this war is putting on all of us, particularly the women in men in the Guard and Reserves.

17 November 2004

Added two pictures of Renee with Eric and Renee with Bonni from the One Weekend a Month screening at the AFI Film Festival November 13.

2 November 2004

RENEE'S SHORT FILM IN AFI FILM FESTIVAL: One Weekend A Month, Renee's short film, will be screening in competition at this year's AFI Film Festival in Los Angeles. There will be two screenings, Wednesday Nov 10 at 9:30pm and Saturday Nov 13 at 4pm.

"AFI Fest is a fantastic festival to be a part of, and I am proud that the film has been included in such a prestigious and important event." Eric Escobar (Director)

25 September 2004

Added indepth review of the movie by Annie

Added review by Stephen Taylor

Added pictures of Renee from the screening by Annie

21 September 2004

2 September 2004

There's a photo of Eric Escobar working on "One Weekend a Month" on his computer while he was attending the 2004 Arizona International Film Festival at. You can see Renee O'Connor on the computer screen. Site. | THX to Emmie for the info.

1 September 2004

Sharon Delaney has posted a picture of Renee from "One Weekend A Month" at her site. | THX to Mary T for the info.

30 August 2004

Photos from Renee's movie, "One Weekend A Month" are now available at | THX to Artemis for the info.

27 August 2004

More about Renee's role in "One Weekend a Month" | Renee is the star of this movie. The actors who play her children are the only other people on screen. "It's the story of a National Guardsman, who's a single mother of two children and gets called to go to the Iraqi war. But she's in a bind because she has no one to take care of her children. The film is a ten-minute series of phone calls. There is no script. The whole Thing is improvised." | Thanks to Sharon for the info.

26 August 2004

Renee in "One Weekend a Month" screening | Here's an opportunity to see Renee O'Connor in director Eric Escobar's short film, "One Weekend a Month." It will be shown at the Cine Latino Film Festival in San Francisco as part of the closing night screeenings on Sunday, September 19th at 7:30 pm, at the University of San Francisco Presentation Theatre, 2350 Turk Boulevard. Check their web page at for ticket information. Eric will have his own web page up about the movie shortly. | Thanks to Sharon for the info.

18 June 2004

Renee News from The Official Xena Fan Club/Sharon Delaney

Newsletter #28 is off to the printer with interviews with Lucy and Renee. Also one with Steve Sears on "The Dirty Half Dozen."

Renee gives an in-depth report on filming "One Weekend a Month," and the fact that it had no script -- all improv! The character's cussing and dark side. Which led to a discussion of a something that happened when we filmed "Coffee Talk 3" with her and Lucy. A tidbit:

"You liked this cussing lady?" I teased. "I wonder if this interview will be in the same kit where we have you giving the finger on camera?" "What was I doing that for!" Renee said, her eyebrows heading for the top of my car. "You were describing your experience with road rage when we did the interview with Lucy during the DVD interviews. And you said to me, 'Can I show what I did, Sharon?'" I laughed. "You were talking to Lucy and you said, 'So I went like this to him in my rear view mirror,' and you made the one-fingered gesture." "Oh, yeah, yeah," Renee burst out laughing as she remembered. "And you did it three times," I told her wagging my finger in front of her face." "No!" Renee said, rolling with laughter. "So we're haviing a debate," I continued with mock seriousness, "do we show it once, twice, all three times? Do we cover the finger in a black band?" "That would be funny," Renee said, wiping her eyes and getting back to my original question.

Source: Sharon Delaney

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