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9 October 2006

Official Photos and Ghost Town Logo courtesy of CDI Films and Dean Teaster / Ghost Town
Movie LLC used with permission. All other graphics and site design created by MaryD.

Ghost Town The Movie Review by MaryD

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05 September 2008

Ghost Town Director Sends Message to Renee Fans....

The following is from Dean Teaster, the Producer/Director for Ghost Town The Movie which is due to be released on DVD on 28 October 2008:

It's been a long process in the making of Ghost Town "The Movie", and we are faced with a great success with Lionsgate and Barnholtz being our distributors. We and they are equally excited about the release of Ghost Town. I especially want to thank the entire Xena fans for their impressive support of the movie and of Renée O'Connor. I have never seen a more loyal assembly of loving and caring fans. I am so very happy we had Renée in our movie and I'm sure you will be extremely pleased with the movie. Especially when you see that her role was more than a cameo appearance. In fact her character "Little Jack", is very memorable like many of the others. She did ((so very well)) in portraying "Little Jack".

Renée came out like the others to be a part of a wonderful film (partially) about my ancestors history and a film that is a tribute to my father who also was a very good actor in the 1960's as "Digger the Undertaker". You can see pics of him on the Ghost Town movie IMDB web site. This tribute meant very much to me and Renée helped bring it to life. I will be ever grateful to her for that.

I also want to say that in my experience working with actors and actresses, be it limited somewhat, I left the set of Ghost Town a (FAN) of Renée O'Connor and muchly respect her as a person. She is every bit respectful, charming, and wonderful to work with. I hope muchly that in the future I get to work with her again. She has a heart made of ((pure gold)).

In closing I must add that I had additional help from MaryD, and the Talking Xena Message Forum moderators. It is greatly appreciated and you all taught me very well how caring you all are for Renée. My thanks to you all in so many ways. May this movie go down in history as one of Renée's best roles.

Dean Teaster


04 August 2008

Lionsgate to Release 'Dean Teaster's Ghost Town' on DVD this October

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., August 4th /PRNewswire/ -- Lionsgate(R)
the leading next generation filmed entertainment studio, in association
with Barnholtz Entertainment, announced today that it will release the
western feature "Dean Teaster's Ghost Town" on DVD October 28th in the United States and Canada.

     "Dean Teaster's Ghost Town," the dream project of Dean Teaster and DJ Perry, is an 1800s western set in North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains and was filmed at the "Ghost Town in the Sky" theme park located in Maggie Valley, North Carolina. A brutal story of love, hate, revenge, and family honor, the movie reunites the two mountain men from John Boorman's 1972 classic "Deliverance" -- Herbert "Cowboy" Coward and Bill McKinney. Voted number one movie villains of all-time by "Maxim Magazine" in 2005, McKinney
and Coward scared audiences with their mountain man delivery that struck fear in millions of moviegoers.

    The movie also features DJ Perry ("GPS," "Miracle at Sage Creek"),
Princess Lucaj ("Jericho," "Uncross the Stars"), Rance Howard ("A Beautiful Mind," "Chinatown"), Renee O'Connor ("Xena: Warrior Princess," "Diamonds and Guns"), country music stars Sammy Kershaw ("The Beverly Hillbillies," "Fall Time") and Stella Parton ("A Dance for Bethany," "Rhinestone"), Terence Knox ("Tour of Duty," "St. Elsewhere") and Tony Becker ("The Walton's," "Melrose Place," "Walker, Texas Ranger"). In addition, Robert Bradley, Ghost Town in the Sky's original "Apache Kid," is also featured in the movie.

Read more



16 December 2007

I received a virtual card from Dean Teaster (Ghost Town Movie) and he asked me to share this with the fans:

From Dean Teaster to all the Xena Fans





22 September 2007

Ghost Town Movie News

  • Ghost Town has been accepted to screen at the 5th Annual Asheville Film Festival being held on 8 November - 11 November, 2007 in Asheville, North Carolina. The festival schedule will be available soon at the festival site. There will also be a Q&A on the film from the production staff. Renee won't be at this event. If you are North Carolina and want to see a great movie - go! Renee is so cute as Little Jack. The whole movie is superb..


18 July 2007

Ghost Town The Movie Update

I had the pleasure of watching the Behind The Scenes featurette that will be added to the Ghost Town Movie DVD and I have to say it was funny. These guys had lots of fun on that set. Dean has allowed me to show a snippet of the footage with one proviso - don't spoil anything <g> So with that in mind, here is the first clip from the Behind The Scenes footage which features Renee, Dean Teaster and DJ Perry - with a lovely black box in two places which censors <blank> from the movie. I'm not being a tease...I'm just following orders <vbg> Kudos also go to Paul Proios for editing and producing "the behind the scenes" featurette.

  • Click here to view Ghost Town The Movie Behind The Scenes - Clip #1 - the clip is available either on Watch it Online |  Download Clip

Dean has a new Ghost Town Site!

Dean has created a wonderful site dedicated to Ghost Town - check it out, it has a history about the theme park, lots and lots of pictures, a blog and a whole lot of other goodies!

Dean Teaster's Ghost Town In The Sky Site


30 June 2007

Ghost Town Promo Pics Update

  • Updated the promo pics section with promo pics from the movie

Received the following note from Dean Teaster:

This is the stone I had commissioned early during filming. It pays honor the  actors who visited Ghost Town in the early 60's who acted with my father. It also pays honor to the gunfighters who were in the "Internationally Famous Ghost Town Gunfighters" of the 1960's with my father. This stone to honor Dad put there by my sister Marcia, brother Bobby, and myself.

Ghost Town In the Sky Site

  • Dean has created a new site based on the Ghost Town in the Sky Theme Park with pics from the theme park. Check it out here

Ghost Town The Movie Review by MaryD

  • I was fortunate the other day to receive a DVD copy of Ghost Town The Movie to review by Dean Teaster. Ghost Town stars Renee O'Connor as Little Jack and a great cast. What is this movie about? Appalachian folklore and legend tell the story of a man in 1856, who came out of the mountain wilderness of Cold Springs, North Carolina to avenge his father's death. In his wake he left a Ghost Town. Today, twenty years later he returns to avenge his daughter's honor.
    Click here to read the full review


27 June 2007

Ghost Town The Movie Book

The book also contains some pics from the movie and one of them is of Renee.

'In Deadwood, you may lose your life. In Ghost Town, it may be your soul. ...' A novel based on the movie 'Dean Teaster's Ghost Town, the Movie' (screenplay by DJ Perry, story by DJ Perry and Dean Teaster). Appalachian folklore and legend tell the story of a man in 1856, who came out of the mountain wilderness of Cold Springs, North Carolina to avenge his father s death. In his wake he left a Ghost Town. Today, twenty years later he returns to avenge his daughter s honor and even the undertaker better watch out! This novel is based on that story and the movie it inspired, Dean Teaster s Ghost Town, the Movie which was filmed at the Western theme park, Ghost Town in the Sky (Maggie Valley, NC) in November, 2006. There is also a beautiful full color section on the making of the movie.

Buy the book from

7 June 2007


25 May 2007

The trailer for the movie is now online and it is AWESOME! Go and have a look! Renee is featured in this trailer :)

Click here to view the trailer

I've created some screencaptures from the trailer and you can view them here

New Renee Pictures

Renee has a new message up on her site and two new pictures for sale from Ghost Town! Gorgeous.



23 May 2007

Ghost Town Movie In Times Square!

The movie and the official poster was featured in Times Square!

Click on the thumbnail for the larger scan.



  • Smoky Mountain News - 23 May 2007 Ghost Town goes silver screen - Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town “The Movie” will premiere at the Eaglenest Entertainment Center in Maggie Valley at 7 p.m. on June 2. The movie was filmed at Ghost Town in the Sky, North Carolina’s top western theme park attraction that opened originally in 1961 and is re-opening on May 25. Read more



20 May 2007

Press Release

  • MAGGIE VALLEY, N.C., May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- On June 2nd, Dean Teaster's Ghost Town "The Movie" will premiere at the Eaglenest Entertainment Center in Maggie Valley, North Carolina..Read more


  • 20 May 2007 - Maggie Valley cheers Ghost Town’s revival after 5-year hiatus, hopes for boom. MAGGIE VALLEY — Along the streets of downtown Maggie Valley, hotels and shops display signs of hope for a great tourist season ahead: Ghost Town is back. Read more


30 April 2007

Exclusive Renee O'Connor Interview 28 April 2007

Renee was gracious enough to give AUSXIP reporter Christa and her sidekick Ruth a video interview for the site. It's a wide ranging interview covering a great many topics including working on Boogeyman, Ghost Town, her thoughts on her co-workers over the years in various movies and some stories. Her thoughts about living in New Zealand, what Xena taught her and other topics.

The interview is 15 minutes in length and it's Renee at her most candid. You can now download two video

Click here to download the video clips (the Ghost Town discussion is in clip #2)


27 April 2007

Magazine Update

Smoky Mountain Magazine - Spring 2007 Issue

You can now order online the Smoky Mountain magazine that features an article about the movie. Not sure if it has any references to Renee in the movie.

Click here to order (the current issue is at the bottom of the page)



24 April 2007

The official Ghost Town Movie site is now online and for those who wish to purchase Ghost Town Merchandise, you can now do so. Click here to view the shop -

20 April 2007

The following is one of the posters that will be sold on the Official Ghost Town Movie Site. It was sent by Dean Teaster. It should be up shortly.

The poster should be up shortly.

Click here to see the official Ghost Town site



19 April 2007

Renee / Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Auction

Ghost Town VIP Ticket for the premiere of Ghost Town The Movie - there are two tickets on the auction so here's your chance to attend this event!

Generously donated by Dean Teaster to raise money for The Alissa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation. These tickets have not gone on sale to the public yet (24 April 2007).

The ticket includes the World Premiere AND the After Glow Party afterwards.

See Renee's new movie, attend the VIP party AND support The Alissa Ann Run Burn Foundation.

"The World Premiere"
will be followed by an elegant "After Glow Celebration." This red carpet affair is an event you won't want to miss. Mingle with the celebrities and other distinguished guests under the stars as you enjoy hors devours and other refreshments.

Auction #1  |  Auction #2

PLEASE NOTE: Renee will not be attending the premiere or the VIP party.


17 April 2007

Magazine Alert - Smoky Mountain Magazine

The latest issue of Smoky Mountain Magazine features an article about
the movie! You can order a copy from

Many thanks to Dean for the news


8 April 2007

The following is from Dean Teaster

THe word of the premiere is spreading quickly and people are already buying up the VIP tickets. I wanted to explain the chain of events so everyone understands our step by step process. first, the premiere at Eagle Nest was limited to weekend availability and had to be done in conjuction with the Ghost Town in the Sky theme park opening around May 25th. Yes, it did bump into the Xena convention, but this will not hurt the film or the convention in any way. It is more exposure for Renée anyway you look at it. This would also create excitement in the Maggie Valley area during the highest tourist season. What does all of this mean, (maximum) exposure of the film to the thousand of tourists traveling to Maggie Valley through October. It has been estimated that Ghost Town may see around 3000 to 5000 people a day. Those people will be exposed to the movie as well. Renée and the other cast members will get ((maximum exposure to thousands)) as they migrate through the valley. Since Eagle Nest is the only place that can show a movie, it will give the tourist something to do at night in the small town valley.

This premiere followed by an exclusive "Limited theatrical Engagement", will accent the distribution deal as we can show the distributor how it can pack the house for a theatrical showing. Something necessary in the overall deal for world wide distribution and release. Every second that Renée and the cast can be seen on the big screen is a great positive step for this film. I have to say, her character is great. She did such a ((wonderful job)), but that won't suprise anyone. That is what everyone has come to expect and get everytime we see her on film. Even if its just for one second. But that is not the case in Ghost Town, we see her ((quite well)) !!!

While the Limited is running, we will then move into the final distribution deal, that is where the decision will be made for the right distributor and if it will go theatrical first, or go first to world wide "sell through" market to every market worldwide. We will then plan other premieres. Anyway it goes, its exciting. Anyway it goes, Ghost Town "The Movie" will be a huge success. I thank everyone for their support fo this film and the support of Renée O"Connor. God Speed for Ghost Town and the Cast.

Dean Teaster


3 April 2007

The world premiere of Dean Teaster’s “Ghost Town” will be hosted by Eaglenest Entertainment in Maggie Valley, followed by a limited theatrical engagement scheduled to run through October.  The premiere will be 2 June 2007. Renee will not be attending since she will be in New York for a Creation Entertainment Xena Convention and Lucy's Concerts.

Dean would like to pass on the news that Ghost Town will have a premiere in LA. The details of that will be posted when they are finalised. That will give everyone who wishes to go an opportunity (and may include Renee being at the premiere).

The official premiere in June is the kickoff of the movie with a Limited Theatrical Engagement to run until October.

The planning of the LA premiere will start in earnest after the 2 June premiere.

16 February 2007

Received the latest update from Dean Teaster about the movie:

"Today we finished the final cut of the movie. It consisted of going back through the entire movie scene by scene and trimming out anyhing that did not flow. I had the responsibility of going through and cutting out and trimming down to (seconds) that did not work, or did not add value to the film. This included looking at each cut to determine if they had the correct amount of time on each one, removing anything in the backgrounds that did not work, changing scenes for best performances. It was an exhausting effort, but well worth it. I will know tomorrow, but I believe I trimmed around 5 to 7 minutes from the film. We are looking real good."

29 January 2007

Dean Teaster, producer and director of Ghost Town is running a trivia question game and you can win some Ghost Town merchandise. Ghost Town is the new Renee movie (starring as Little Jack). Dean Teaster is the writer, director and producer. He is also asking ROC fans their opinions about future Ghost Town merchandise. Click here to read more
Many thanks to Gabsfan for the news

12 January 2007

Just added a new poster from Dean Teaster - which is also related to a thread that is currently underway on the Talking Xena Message Board - ROC Chat forum

Ghost Town "The Movie" director discussions

Click here to view the poster


26 December 2006

Behind The Scenes Pictures - Renee

Behind The Scenes Pictures - Cast & Crew

  • Added two pictures of the cast and crew from behind the scenes from Ghost Town. Check out the pics


23 December 2006

Interview with DJ Perry

  • Evil Dread has an interview with DJ Perry   Among other things, DJ talks about Ghost Town and working with Reneé. - Many thanks to Gabsfan for the news

Behind The Scenes Pictures - Renee

Added three more Renee pics from behind the scenes from Ghost Town

Check out the pics (more to come)


Behind The Scenes Pictures - Cast & Crew

The dynamic duo behind Ghost Town The Movie - DJ Perry and Dean Teaster



21 December 2006



20 December 2006

Ghost Town Movie Update

Added six more photos of Renee as Little Jack including some of the other cast and crew.

Check out the pics (more to come tomorrow)


18 December 2006

New Renee Pictures from Ghost Town Movie Set

Dean has sent in some more behind the scenes pictures of Renee from the set of Ghost Town as well as some of the cast and crew.

Check out the first five pics (more to come tomorrow)



12 December 2006

New Renee Pictures

Renee has two gorgeous pictures up for sale - both images are from her new movie Ghost Town

Click here to order from her shopping page



9 December 2006

AUSXIP 10th Anniversary Charity Auction

Renee Ghost Town Pictures

Just an update on the ROC pics from Ghost Town which are now up on the auction.

The pictures are not 8 x 10 but 11 x 13.

I can't alter the auction description now but please know that the size has changed.

If you wish to bid on these go to:

Pic #1 | Pic #2 Pic #3  | Pic #4

The following items were donated by Dean Teaster, Director and producer of Renee's new movie Ghost Town The Movie.

The Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation Items

Starship Children's Health

  • StarshipItem073: Ghost Town Hooded Sweat Shirt
    Hooded Sweat Shirt. Ultra Cotton heavyweight. Embrodery around letters and "The Movie" in embrodery. Size XL. Sand Color Donated by Ghost Town Director & Producer Dean Teaster Starting Bid: $15
  • StarshipItem074: Ghost Town The Movie Cap
    Hat 100% Cotton with high embrodery "Ghost Town "The Movie" on front with "Grand Opening 2007 on side. Bill is suede. Donated by Ghost Town Director & Producer Dean Teaster Starting Bid: $10

Behind The Scene Images

Added more
Behind the Scenes pics of Renee courtesy of Dean Teaster and Tammy Teaster who took the photos.




5 December 2006

Ghost Town Press Release...

  • Press Release Source: Collective Development Incorporated
    Dean Teaster's New Movie 'Ghost Town' Starring Mountain Men from Deliverance Monday December 4, 6:45 pm ET

    LANSING, Mich., Dec. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Dean Teaster's movie "Ghost Town" has just finished principal photography. The film will star Herbert
    "Cowboy" Coward and Bill McKinney. This film brings Deliverance mountain
    men back to screen for the first time since Deliverance in 1972...Ghost Town "The Movie" was written by Dean Teaster and DJ Perry as an Appalachian tale of more


30 November 2006

  • New Renee Pictures
    Stella now has a webpage up for Ghost Town with pics including one cutie with ROC and and a baby (possibly Iris)  Check it out at
    Many thanks to Gabsfan for the link

27 November 2006


  • Producer/Director Dean Teaster wrote a thank you to the people of Haywood County that was printed in The Mountanier 27 November 2006
    ‘Ghost Town’ producer extends thanks for help with film by Dean Teaster
    I wanted to take this time to write the editor and thank a few folks in helping make the movie “Ghost Town” in Maggie Valley and Canton. Read more
    Many thanks to Mike for the news

25 November 2006

Q&A with DJ Perry

  • The Talking Xena Message Board (ROC Chat section) has part 1 of the Q&A with DJ Perry. Click here to read

New Renee Pics

  • More Renee pics - these are from the personal photographer hired by Renee, Ed And Oenita - Photographers, which she was filming in North Carolina.
    Many thanks to Kristina and Gabsfan for the news


  • The Mountaineer - October 2006 Movie takes center stage There’s more to ‘Ghost Town’ than meets the eye People from all over the country, some from other parts of the world, are trickling into Haywood County day by day to take part in a project they believe has tremendous potential. In simple terms, they call it film-making. But looking back on the first week of actual shooting, those involved said there is much more taking place on the set of Dean Teaster’s “Ghost Town” than meets the eye....Read more

24 November 2006

Ghost Town Movie Interviews

Q & A with Writer, Producer and Director Dean Teaster

Dean answers questions about the movie, Renee and upcoming projects.

18 November 2006

Promotional Images - Official Ghost Town Poster

First Look At the Official Ghost Town Poster

(C) 2006, Ghost Town "The Movie" L.L.C. All Right Reserved - Photographer Dean Teaster



Q & A with the Director, Dean Teaster

If you would like to ask a question about the movie or Renee's involvement with the movie, you can now send an email with your question. Please have your question emailed to me at  by the end of Sunday.

Behind The Scenes Pictures

More behind the scenes pics of Renee courtesy of Dean Teaster.
There is also a picture which was taken in the early morning just above Ghost Town In the Sky Theme Park which is just one of the most gorgeous landscapes I've seen in a long time. Breathtakingly beautiful.

View the new ROC pics  |  View the landscape

17 November 2006

Behind The Scenes Pictures

This has to be one of my favourite pictures of Renee from the movie (so far). She is so cute with that cheeky grin. Dean sent me some pictures that I have posted in the Behind The Scenes galleries including a couple of Eric Jones, the 1st assitant director.

Click here to view the Renee pics
Click here to view Cast and Crew pics

16 November 2006

A Note From Dean Teaster, the Director of Ghost Town

I received a very nice email from the director of the film, Dean Teaster, about working with Renee and Dean wanted me to share this with all of Renee's fans. Many thanks to Dean (Dean no only directed the movie but also can be seen as Digger The Undertaker)

A Word from the Director

My first directing debut was this film Ghost Town. It was an experience that has and will continue to change my life. My first film and I got to work with Rance Howard, Bill McKinney, Herbert "Cowboy" Coward, Charlie Matthau, Tony Becker, Princess Lucaj, Stella Parton, Sammy Kershaw, Terrence Knox, and of course "Renee O'Connor. Let's talk about that for a minute.

There are no words to describe the level of professionalsim in this lady. She is truly an actress that is a pleasure to work with. She is kind, considerate, respectful, and talented beyond any imagination. I cannot convey in words what it was like to work with her and see her bring to life, "Little Jack". She came prepared and ready. I can see why she has such a huge following. She deserves all the credit due to her both professionally and personally. There was a moment in the film between takes where I noticed her crying. I immediatly wanted to see if she was alright. Much to my suprise, I asked her "Are you alright", she said yes, "I'm just getting into the moment of Little Jack". That says it all. God Bless Renee O'Connor.

Dean Teaster

Movie Stills

Behind The Scenes Images


15 November 2006

13 November 2006


No Renee mention but more about the film and the stars:

  • The Mountanier 13 November 2006 Hollywood greats make ‘Ghost Town’ memorable With 24 days of filming behind them and a feature film well on the way, actors starring in Dean Teaster’s “Ghost Town” are hanging up their holsters and returning home. But no one is leaving empty-handed. What Ghost Town stars are taking with them, they said, goes well beyond a new addition to their resume. “It’s been life changing,” lead actress Princess Lucaj said of playing Violet, a role that was her first lead in a feature film. Read more
    Many thanks to Mike McDonald for the news

12 November 2006

Behind The Scenes Pictures

Behind The Scenes Report

11 November 2006

A detailed account of Renee's role as Little Jack has been written by DJ Perry on his blog:

Renee O'Conner is also someone who deserves mention. The story is that I was dealing with her manager over a different actor and her name came up. I had watched XENA because of producers Sam and Robert coming to MSU, knowing Bruce Campbell from my director buddy Mike Kallio and Lucy Lawless.

So Renee read the script for a small female role as most of the major roles had been cast. She really liked the script but wanted something meaty. It was moments after I told her manager that we would try to use her on a future project that I started thinking, "What character(s) did I write as a man that could be played by a woman?" When the character of LITTLE JACK crossed my mind it was a perfect fit. Renee was called and the rest is history.

She is a powerful supporting actress in this film playing an outlaw with a motley gang and her fans will love her bad side in this gritty mountain story. She hangs with the roughest of them and would anyone expect anything less from Xena's former partner in crime? I luv ya Renee and she handled that rifle with the same expertise as that bo staff!

Click here to read more of DJ Perry's MySpace Blog


10 November 2006

The scheduled released date for the movie is May 2007, in conjunction with the reopening of the Ghost Town Theme Park according to the article in the Citizen-Times.


  • Citizen Times 4 November 2006 Ghost Town shooting ends today
    MAGGIE VALLEY — “Ghost Town,” a full-length motion picture — an Eastern Western, if you will, based on Western North Carolina people of long ago — will complete shooting today at Ghost Town in the Sky, a theme park with Western atmosphere that has been closed since 2003.. Read more

Behind The Scenes Photos

Behind The Scenes on Ghost Town Movie Set - Mike McDonald was an extra on Ghost Town and these are his photos from the time he spent on the set of Ghost Town - Contributed by Mike Donald. No photos of Renee.

4 November 2006

New Articles


1 November 2006

New Renee Message

Renee has a new message on her site from the set of her new movie Ghost Town. There is also a picture of her and DJ Perry, writer, producer and actor. Click here to read Renee's message and view the picture. If you are subscribed to Kit #12 you can view another pic on the Kit #12 site. - Subscription required.


27 October 2006

New Articles

  • Asheville Citizen Times 15 October 2006 - ‘Deliverance’ villains reunite in ‘Ghost Town’ MAGGIE VALLEY — Herbert “Cowboy” Coward and Bill McKinney, the actors who played the terrifying hillbilly villains in the 1972 film “Deliverance,” will grace the big screen together once again in Dean Teaster’s movie “Ghost Town,” being filmed on the site of Maggie Valley’s Ghost Town in the Sky theme park. Casting has been completed, and filming is expected to start Monday...Click here to read more
  • Ghost Town movie props needed
    The production crew of Dean Teaster’s movie “Ghost Town,” is looking for period props and local citizens interested in being cast as extras. Anyone willing to lend props representative of the late 1800’s era, including quilts, blankets, holsters, black powder weapons and bottles should contact James Thompson at: 908-656-1887 or 828-926-3595...
    click here to read more
    Many thanks to MET for the article links

14 October 2006

Renee sent in the following message to the Official Xena Fan Club Page about her new role:

"I'm about to start a movie called Ghost Town filming in North Carolina. I'm playing a character named Little Jack who is the son they never had. It's in the style of the HBO series, here to read more

13 October 2006

“Ghost Town the Movie” directors Dean Teaster and Jeff Kennedy are calling for budding actors and actresses to audition for a limited number of roles in the upcoming feature film, scheduled for release next spring.

Pre-production is underway and shooting is set to begin Oct. 16 at locations in Canton and Maggie Valley.

The movie, set in 1870, will depict a western theme with touches of Appalachian folklore and will chronicle the life of Haywood County native Harmon Teaster. Many of Ghost Town theme park’s famed gunfighters will be featured.

Click here to read more

New Articles - No mention of Renee but more about the movie

9 October 2006

Renee's site has been updated with news of a new movie called Ghost Town  and she will be playing a "Calamity Jane" type of role! Check out Renee's message on her site - Many thanks to Judi Mair for the news