iAmAware Seminars
Facilitated by Renee O'Connor
based on the book "The Ring Around The Mind" by Mary Rocamora.


6 August 2013

Awareness Workshop with Renee at 2014 Xena Convention - Order Tix


Introduction to Awareness Workshop with Renee O'Connor

Saturday, February 8, 2014. Los Angeles(Burbank), CA

Introduction to Awareness Workshop with Renee O'Connor (to take place Saturday of the convention, limited to a small number of attendees).

Based on the work of Mary Rocamora, a non profit school for adults, www.Rocamora.org
Awareness is the practice of paying attention to thoughts and emotions with sincere curiosity and withholding any judgments or expectations on what we are truly feeling. This two hour introductory class includes observing our conceptualizations of the Self, as a contrast to realizing our natural essence of Being love, compassion, and light.
The workshop price is $125. Bring a printed receipt with you.

Time to be announced.

Burbank Marriott Convention Center
2500 N. Hollywood Way. Burbank, California 91505


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What is Awareness?

Awareness... is to be 'defined' by direct experiences of an open heart.

Awareness training is the practice of paying attention to our Ego's thoughts and emotions with sincere curiosity, so we may live in the heart, in the Now. By practicing to Release our desires to live in expectation or obligation, we experience the feeling of Being...connected to our true self, and others, truly living a life aware... more creative, more expansive, and more joyful.

What is an Awareness Seminar?

This is a Supportive environment where you will practice the opening of your heart to feel connected in ANY environment, by sharing your direct experiences that center around the Ego, contrasting this with the qualities of Awareness.

You will begin the journey to release beliefs you hold about yourself that create a feeling of being in limitation, or controlled by the actions of others. By releasing your mind from its ego chatter, you will be guided into exploring the feeling of your life being led Only through your opened heart. With this clarity and increased compassion for your self and for others, you will begin to recognize matches in all your relationships.



Facilitated by Renee O'Connor
based on the book "The Ring Around The Mind"
by Mary Rocamora.

Throughout the TWO days of inductive guidance, you will be discovering and sharing together:

- The Contrasting States of Awareness with the Ego from your direct life experiences.

- Your own "Trapped States" of being and living in Ego Patterns. We will come to see how this trapped, and constricted feeling is the antithesis of feeling in Awareness.

- Emotions, by comparing and contrasting the feelings that serve the Ego, such as defensiveness, jealousy, abandonment, hatred ... with the emotions that come from the opened heart, such as grief, remorse, or love.

- Your observations around seeing your Ego Patterns, and realizing your ability to Choose to be present, and relaxed, in the moment.

- Your Willingness to break free from life long patterns.

- Your curiosity and better understanding of what 'perfectly' fits into your insightful self's quest for free flowing, joyful Matches, in all areas of your life.